Canaccord Genuity Shows Support for Schulich Diversity with Award of Excellence

Schulich is proud to spotlight our corporate donor, Canaccord Genuity Corp who has committed to strengthening support for Schulich’s Black undergraduate and graduate students looking to have future careers in capital markets and wealth management.

In 2021, Canaccord Genuity created the Canaccord Genuity Diversity Award of Excellence with one award to BBA student and one MBA student, annually. To date, the award has provided $40,000 of support shared by four recipients. It aims to create economic opportunities in the Black community and to encourage a more equitable future.

Samar Busuri (BBA Candidate ‘24), was recently awarded $10,000, and she explains the remarkable impact the award has had on her studies, “I am incredibly grateful for the Canaccord Genuity scholarship, which will allow me to focus entirely on my academics during my third and fourth years of studies.” She continues, “I am humbled by the opportunities that have come my way and I am determined to continue to make a positive impact in my community and beyond, and this scholarship has provided me with the means to do so. Thank you for this incredible honour.”

Melanie Chanzy, Chief People Officer at Canaccord Genuity shares Canaccord Genuity’s motivation of providing this support, “It has been inspiring to see the positive effects that the Canaccord Genuity Diversity Award of Excellence has had on recipients,” Ms. Chanzy continues, “This program is one of Canaccord Genuity’s many commitments to foster an inclusive culture and strengthen opportunities for educational and professional development.”

The Fall 2022 recipient was MBA ‘ 24 Candidate Omosigho Otarigho who has recently finished her studies. Ms. Otarigho shared how pursuing an MBA is an expensive investment and the Canaccord Genuity Diversity Award of Excellence helped her ease that burden.

Ms. Otarigho explains, “The scholarship allowed me to focus more on my studies and extracurricular activities leading to a better overall MBA experience,“ she continues, “Additionally, the mentorship provided with the scholarship allowed me to build valuable connections within the industry. The mentorship helped me gain practical perspectives and insights in the capital markets and served as a valuable resource in better understanding some finance concepts. I am grateful I was selected as one of the recipients of the scholarship.”

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