Refer a Student to Schulich

All alumni, students, and staff at the Schulich School of Business play an important role in Schulich’s efforts to find outstanding talent for its degree programs. If you know of someone with great potential who might benefit from a Masters degree, then please let us know!

Not only are you strengthening the Schulich network, you’re also providing the candidate with:

  • A $150 application fee waiver
  • Expedited application review by an Admissions Director
  • Your words of support for the candidate, which we hold to the highest of standards

If you have anyone in mind, please complete this form and we will contact them to learn more about their needs.

For referrals to the EMBA Program, please contact the EMBA Office at or (416) 736-5486.

  • I consent that the Schulich School of Business may provide the student above with my name as the person who has referred them to this program. I have communicated to the student above that I am providing their contact information for the Schulich School of Business to contact them.

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