• Access, Belonging, and Success

    Schulich’s DEDI strategy is driven by three main goals – Access, Belonging and Success – designed to foster an equitable and inclusive environment.

    The following are some of the activities we’ve undertaken to further those goals:



    • Establishing scholarships that remove financial barriers for Black, Indigenous and female students to study and pursue a career in business
    • Creating programs like the Schulich Business Excellence Academy (SBEA) that provide educational pathways for under-represented student communities
    • Developing executive education learning and training opportunities for equity-deserving groups such as Black entrepreneurs, immigrant women, Canadian newcomers, and Indigenous people




    • Welcoming and fostering one of the most diverse student bodies of any business school in the world
    • Embedding Decolonizing, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (DEDI) principles into proposed courses and implementing policies designed to facilitate Indigenizing and decolonizing courses and academic programs
    • Establishing a Reflection Room, an inclusive space at Schulich designed to foster reflection, meditation, and unity among our School’s diverse community members




    • Mentorships
    • Networking opportunities
    • Offering an MBA specialization in Leading Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity designed to create graduates who help build organizational cultures focused on principles of inclusivity and diversity that fuel employee engagement and innovation
    • An equitable graduation rate for all student communities



    At Schulich, we believe one of our main roles as a business school is to foster the development of the best talent from all backgrounds who wish to pursue careers as managers and entrepreneurs in the private, nonprofit and public sectors.

    Ultimately, business is all about finding ways to collaborate and solve problems. It brings together a rich diversity of people, ideas and cultures to build the best possible future for everyone involved. That’s the vision that guides us – and it’s the environment we’re striving to create at Schulich.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Working Group

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Working Group (EDI WG) was established in Summer 2020 to address anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism. The group worked tirelessly to establish a strategic plan that identifies actions needed by the School to achieve its mission and vision.

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The Schulich School of Business strives to foster an equitable and inclusive environment within its teaching, learning and research practices. The aim is to drive excellence by operationalizing better outcomes for socially responsible leaders, and to leverage diversity to drive innovation in today’s multicultural and global environment.


To create a positive impact on the business world by promoting greater access to quality business education, a stronger sense of belonging, and improved student success, particularly for equity-seeking communities.


Meet the Team

Associate Prof. Brent Lyons

Chair, EDI Working Group

Prof. Marcia Annisette

Advisor, Member of Committee for Equity and Community

Associate Prof Luke Zhu

Chair, Committee for Equity and Community

Associate Prof Ivona Hideg

Former Chair, Committee for Equity and Community

Dr. Michelle Machado

Director, Strategic Policy & Planning, Member of Committee for Equity and Community

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

EDI Advisor to the Dean