• Open doors to a rewarding business career in professional accountancy

    Applications to 2018 now open!

    The Schulich Diploma in Intermediate Accounting (DIAc) is an 8-month graduate diploma program designed to provide a foundation in the field of Professional Accountancy in Canada. Students will gain a thorough understanding of financial and management accounting fundamentals and grow their understanding of the sub-disciplines of the field.

    Upon completion, students are equipped to enter Term 2 of the Master of Accounting (MAcc) program if they so choose, and then proceed to write the Common Final Examination.

  • Career opportunities for DIAc graduates

    Whether your goal is to become a professional accountant or pursue another career in business, Schulich’s Diploma in Intermediate Accounting will provide you with the introductory knowledge that will help differentiate you from other business professionals. For those looking to further their professional accounting education, graduates of the DIAc program are able to complete the Schulich Master of Accounting in an additional 8 months, then proceed to write the Common Final Examination.



  • Career opportunities