Organization Studies

  • The Organization Studies (ORGS) specialization prepares students to work effectively with others in today’s challenging environment. Courses are designed to engage through case studies, research, and experiential exercises. Central issues in the ORGS curriculum include leadership; negotiation and conflict management; strategy implementation and change management; cultural values and mindsets; managing individuals and teams; and more generally, decision-making, motivation, and stress.

  • Professor Chris Bell, Area Coordinator
    Professor Chris Bell, Area Coordinator

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  • Specialization within Organizational Behaviour is compatible with careers in consulting, human resources, organizational design, and change management. In addition, the field can be effectively combined with other specializations and help build general management competencies.

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    Your career is top priority at Schulich. To make career decisions that are right for you, the CDC will help you identify strengths, determine career objectives, develop career plans, hone skills for career management and put your professional development plan into action.

    - Our highly experienced CDC Advisors bring a unique combination of first-hand knowledge, experience and diverse perspectives in a wide variety of businesses and industry sectors.

    - Take advantage of a series of proven career-building modules, including up-to-date Job Search Techniques, Self-Assessment, Resume and Cover Letter Writing, and Interview Skills to help you stand out from the competition.

    - Corporate Information Sessions offer you an opportunity to meet top level recruiters, alumni and executives.

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To specialize in Organization Studies, enrol in 12.00 credits of Elective Courses.

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Schulich faculty in this specialization represent a broad range of backgrounds, interests and accomplishments in a field whose centrality to effective management practice and organizational effectiveness is increasingly recognized. Faculty members have attained a strong national and international reputation through scholarly and business publications and through their teaching expertise.

Student Clubs

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Schulich Association of Management and Organizational Studies (SAMOS)

SAMOS (Schulich Association of Management and Organization Studies) is a student club dedicated to the pursuit of expanding understanding in the field of Organizational Studies and Strategic Management. The club seeks to serve as a support platform for students that are looking at careers with a people-centric focus, an aspect of business that is now central to organizational success across industry. Accordingly, SAMOS events and activities reflect this goal by addressing the academic, professional and career-related focus areas of the Schulich MBA student.