• Student & Enrolment Services

    Our role is to support students in pursuit of success in their programs, by helping them navigate enrolment and other processes that involve academic policy, services, promotion, records and governance.

    We look forward to being a helpful resource to you as you progress through your time here at Schulich.

    Contact Us:

head shot of Keshia Gray, Director, Student & Enrolment ServicesKeshia Gray

Director, Student & Enrolment Services

You’re most likely to…see me for academic advising or if you have a unique situation that requires my attention. While most of my work is done behind the scenes, my commitment is to continually improve the Schulich student experience and to make your academic environment welcoming and navigable.

Fern Best

Student Success Coordinator

You’re most likely to… Meet me in the Student & Enrolment Services Office for Academic Advising as you navigate the Schulich graduate experience. I am committed to fostering a student experience that is second to none, as together we strive for student success and nothing less.




Rachel Ricer

Student Academic Services Coordinator

You’re most likely to… connect with me if you need support with academic petitions and academic integrity. I am also the primary Academic Advisor for the 1 year Master level programs. I look forward to delivering an advising experience that provides you with many pathways to academic and social success.


Profile picture of Meghann FoncecaMeghann Fonceca

Student Programs Assistant

You’re most likely to… meet me at your Smart Start session, or connect with me through phone, email, and in person in the Student & Enrolment Services office. I can help with your enrolment queries, or Graduate and PhD questions.



Andrea Banerjee

Student Experience & Communications Coordinator

You’re most likely to… hear from me online! I communicate important information about your program and student life through a variety of print and digital channels, including the Schulich website, academic handbooks and blog. I also help to organize academic events like workshops and prep courses to help you succeed in your classes.


Photo of Sandra OstiSandra Osti

Administrative Assistant and Records & Promotions Assistant

You’re most likely to…. contact me in regards to  your progress in your program.  I am your source for grades, degree audits, completion letters or your big day: convocation!  You may also contact me to make appointments with the Assistant Dean of Students or the Director of Student & Enrolment Services.



photo of Kareene MartinKareene Martin

Registration & Academic Service Assistant

You’re most likely to…meet me in person at the Student and Enrolment Services Office, or connect with me through phone and email. I can help with your registration and enrolment queries, wait list status, request to enrol in Individual/Guided Study courses, enrolment in non-Schulich electives in other faculties at York or at another Ontario University as an Ontario Visiting Graduate Student.