Your Primary Recruitment Contact

Based on your organization’s industry and recruitment history with Schulich, please feel free to contact the appropriate CDC Account Manager to book and coordinate your recruitment activities, such as:

  • Information sessions
  • Job postings
  • Events
  • Interviewing scheduling
  • Access to Resumes
  • All other recruitment needs

Your Contact – As a First Time Recruiter to Schulich

Career Development Centre
New Client Contact

Your Contact – As a Returning Recruiter

Diana Caradonna
Accounting & Diversified Financial Services
Mike Nadal
Banking & Finance (Capital Markets, Asset Management, Wealth Management)
Rachel Jefferies
Lyla Korhani
Consumer Packaged Goods & Marketing
Bonnie Wong
Financial Services
Paul Irwin
Amir Khan
Marketing and Sales
Gina Pagiamtzis
Master of Business Analytics
Lisa Keenan
Mining, Manufacturing & Telecommunications
Minoo Bhutani
Real Estate, Banking & International Careers
Kathrin Bohr
Social Sector, Sustainability