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    One of the features that makes a school of business perform at a consistently high level is the quality of it’s researchers. At Schulich the scholars have transformed the way management educators understand core issues in many areas, including Marketing, International Business, Accounting, Sustainability, to name just a few.

    Research at Schulich

    The trajectory of Research taking place at Schulich is on the rise. This is evidenced by our impressive research scores in ranking surveys and our large and growing presentations and visiting appointments at other top business schools worldwide

    Research at Schulich has transformed the way management educators understand core issues in areas such as Marketing, International Business, Accounting, Sustainability and Organizational Theory, to name a few.

    Research has deepened our knowledge, developed our thinking and expertise , and connected us like never before to the business world and organizations that we study.

    Our faculty

    Our faculty are the lifeblood of our research program, and the areas of their research are diverse. Many of our faculty have achieved world acclaim through their research and student acclaim with the quality of their teaching and ability to inspire.

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