Class Profile

1. What is the class profile for the MBA/JD?


MBA/JD Class of 2014 Profile

  • 23 Average Age

  • 650 Average GMAT

  • A- Average GPA

  • 163 Average LSAT

  • 8:2 Male:Female Ratio

  • 11 mon Average Work Experience


1. Should I apply to Osgoode or Schulich first?

As a direct-entry student, it is generally best to apply to Osgoode first since the deadline for law school applications happen in November of the year prior to when you want to start the program. Once you gain admission to Osgoode, you can then apply to Schulich.

2. Does gaining admission to both the MBA and the JD separately automatically mean that I am in the joint program?

No. While students must be admitted by both programs to be considered for the MBA/JD program, the joint program has specific requirements that must also be met in order to be considered for the program.

Q. What are the specific requirements for the joint program?

3. Is it better to apply to the joint MBA/JD program before I start my MBA (or JD) as a direct entry student, or after I’ve completed the first year of my studies as a 2nd year entry student?

This depends on how well you think you will perform in your upcoming studies. If you apply before you start either the MBA or JD, then only your grades achieved in prior studies will be considered for admission purposes. If you apply after you have started either program, then your grades achieved in the MBA or JD will also be taken into consideration.

Program Structure

1. What is the difference between the 3-year program and 4-year program?

The 3-year program is only available for direct entry students, and starts every summer at Schulich. It utilizes the first two summer terms to complete the Schulich foundational year. This allows students to complete the MBA/JD program in 3 years. The 4-year program gives students the summers off and is available for both direct entry and 2nd year entry students.

2. Which school do students start at?

Students in the 3-year program start at Schulich for the summer term. Those in the 4-year program have the option of starting at either school.

3. Can I still choose specialization in the MBA/JD program?

Yes. In the MBA/JD program you can choose one of the specializations from the MBA program.

Study Options

1. Am I eligible for the Accelerated MBA or advanced standing credits if I already completed business courses in my undergrad?

No. Because the program has already been shortened, credit requirements will not be waived in the MBA/JD program. However, students may receive Waiver With Replacement for business courses taken during their undergrad degree so that they can substitute some of the MBA core courses with electives instead. This assessment will be done at the time an offer of admission is made.

Career Opportunities

1. What career opportunities are available for MBA/JD graduates?

As a graduate from the MBA/JD program, the scope of job prospects will encompass a wide range of areas including (but not limited to):

Corporate/commercial law & administration

Business management

Corporate tax planning

Economic regulation


International business

Labour law & relations

Public administration

Environmental law

Real property development

2. What support will I have to find a job?

MBA/JD students have access to the career centres at both Schulich and Osgoode. This is available only for students in the joint program.