CGE Advisory Council Member Named ‘Woman Exporter of the Year’

Peng Sang Cau President and CEO of Transformix Engineering
Member of Centre for Global Enterprise (CGE) Advisory Council
Peng Sang Cau

Peng Sang Cau was recently named ‘Woman Exporter of the Year’ by the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT). This award is given to an outstanding female entrepreneur who has paved the way for Canadian business women in the international community.

“Don’t be afraid of international trade and don’t let being a woman or being a minority stop you,” shared Cau during her acceptance speech. “You’re as good as anyone. Go for it.”

“Be fearless! Do not allow artificial barriers to stop you from achieving your dream,” shared Cau during her acceptance speech. “Exporting is not scary once you start. Racism and sexism exit but do not allow the “ism” to create barriers in your mind. Develop a great product/service, get a great message out, visit customers, keeps knocking down doors until you eventually convince someone to buy from you.”

Dr. Lorna Wright, Executive Director of the Centre for Global Enterprise (CGE), nominated Cau for this award because she felt that “she exemplified to the nth degree the qualities the award represents.”

The two met while Cau was a student. “Dr. Wright hired me to study the negotiation styles of executives from different cultural background. She was the catalyst that started my interest in International Business,” shared Cau.

Peng Sang Cau and Dr. Lorna Wright at the OWIT Gala on September 19.

“Having worked for Lorna and taken her International Business class, I continue to use the lessons learned to educate my management team on how to work with our international clients and respect their cultural background.”

Cau is currently the President and CEO of the leading company in industrial automation, Transformix Engineering and a member of Schulich’s Centre for Global Enterprise (CGE) Advisory Council.

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