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Schulich Startups


Schulich Startups


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Schulich Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Chris Carder

Executive Director

Co-Director, Entrepreneurial Studies

Chelsea Gray

Associate Director

Vito Giovannetti
BBA '14

Entrepreneur Strategist

Cherry Rose Tan

Entrepreneur in Residence

Shray Kumar Bhatnagar MBA '20



Jessica Kabuli '23

Digital Marketing


Special Advisors to the Executive Director

Daniel Warner
MBA '12


Schulich Startups Advisory Group

Eva Lau
MBA '05

Special Advisor to the Executive Director

Brice Scheschuk

Special Advisor to the Executive Director

Snita Balsara
MBA '12

Special Advisor,Co- Host of Schulich Venture Series

Peyvand Melati
EMBA '18

Special Advisor to

Executive Director

headshot of Marsha Druker
Marsha Druker
BBA '12

Special Advisor, Community Development

Karan Vaish
MBA '20

Special Advisor, Together 2022 Alumni Team

Keith Loo
MBA '12

Special Advisor, Founder Engagement

Schulich Startups Ambassadors and Program Trainers

Ahmed Aslam


Venture Series Co-Host

Ben Stacey

Program Trainer, Together 2022, SSN Pitch Coach

Snita Balsara
MBA '12

Schulich Startups Ambassador, SSN Judge, Together 2022 Program Trainer

Jeremy Vo
BBA '14

Program Trainer, Together 2022 and SBEA

Chevona√© Walcot

Mentor, Accelerate Newmarket & SBEA, SSN Judge

Keith Loo
MBA '12

Program Mentor, Accelerate Newmarket & Together 2022

Althea Wishloff

ENTR Instructor, Program Trainer, Accelerate Newmarket, SSN Judge

headshot of Stuart Browne
Stuart Browne
MBA '08

ENTR Instructor, Mentor, Accelerate Newmarket

Sultan Akif

Program Trainer, Together 2022

Frank Erschen

Program Trainer, Together 2022

Kelly Saltzman
MBA '19

Program Trainer, Together 2022 Mentor

Jeffery Potvin

Schulich Venture Series Host

Dan Tzotzis

ENTR Instructor,

Program Mentor

Myra Arshad

SSN Host,

Guest Lecturer

Aaleen Anjum

SSN Host,

Program Trainer, SBEA

Raymond Luk

Program Trainer

Together 2022

Abdel Ali

Program Trainer,


Karolina Devesen

Schulich Idea Jam

SEAA Co-Producer

Giancarlo Sessa

Program Trainer,

Accelerate Newmarket

Barry Hillier


Accelerate Newmarket

Shray Kumar Bhatnagar

Special Advisor

Business Development

Mudit Rawat


Schulich Startup Night

Roshni Wijayasinha

Coaching and Advisory Support

Peter Lu

Program Trainer,

Together 2022

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