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Schulich Startups


Schulich Startups


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Signature Events and Initiatives

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Schulich Startup Night (Bi-Annual)

Schulich Startup Night is an evening of Student and Alumni pitches, prizes and conversation with leading entrepreneurs. The evening begins with six pitch sessions, judged by a panel of Innovation Ecosystem Leaders and is rapidly headed towards its twentieth edition.

Together 2023 - (Annual)

The Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and Venture Competition (7-days) features 100 pairs of inspired student entrepreneurs handpicked from over 17,000+ Indian colleges and 700 + universities. Each venture team presents their ideas to innovate across several sectors of national importance to unlock business opportunities fit for the Indian commercial landscape.


Idea Jam brings together aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, investors seeking a positive, judgement free environment to pitch ideas, network, and learn business strategies.

'The Schulich VIP' Event Series

Our VIP Workshop Series offers an intimate conversation with some of the foremost Founders and Investors in our Entrepreneurial ecosystem. The ‘Schulich VIP’ moved entirely online in 2020.

Zeifmans Venture Series

Schulich Venture Series focuses on understanding the journey towards achieving two different career goals - raising funds to establish your own venture or establishing a career in Venture Capital. The audience draws insights from real-life experiences of our Co-Hosts and Special Guests.

Namestorm Series

At Namestorm, we brainstorm a new brand name for the startup company together. We also have a presentations by B&P on strategies around choosing and protecting the business’ name from a legal perspective and wider IP issues and opportunities.


Student Clubs

and Alumni Chapters

The Schulich Startups Community is closely interconnected with our Student Clubs (MBA/Masters and BBA) and the Schulich Entrepreneurship Alumni Association

(Currently Operating Remotely)

We look forward to returning to our in-person spaces!

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The Vision Factory

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