(Founder(s) should be enrolled at an India University/College/ Recent Alumni)

To be eligible, you must apply as a pair and be registered as a graduate or undergraduate student in a university or college which is officially recognized by the UGC. Please click here to view the complete list of recognized universities and here for colleges. You must use the official university/college email ids while applying.

Alternatively, you will be required to upload your official identification card as issued by the university or the college along with the application web form. If you are a recent alumni,

Out of the applications that we receive, we will invite 100 teams to participate in the Bootcamp.

The application web form consists of four sections:

  1. Information about the team and the applicants 
  2. A 60-second video question 
  3. Text questions focusing on the challenge statement and your idea. 
  4. Other information about your team.

‘Section a)’ will help us understand your core strengths and the skill sets your team brings to the table and will help us match you with the 'right' team from Canada. To submit a great application, we encourage you to focus on questions b) and c).

The Indian Student applications are managed through Startup India’s Application Management System.

(Enrolled at an India University/College/Recent Alumni)

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