• Yon-Joon Choo, MBAN

    Consultant, Deloitte

    Based in: Toronto

    Hometown: Toronto

    Graduation Year: 2016

    “My Schulich experience was truly one of a kind. Employers from across the country were all over the MBAN students from day 1 and it served as a huge motivator throughout the semester.”

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Computer with line graph on screen

What interested me in the MBAN program:

Working as a financial transformation consultant, I dealt with data on a daily basis and wanted to do something meaningful with the data. I was looking for a program that could provide me with the technical skills in a business context

Favourite Schulich memory:

Struggling all night to code something in Python that I could easily do in Excel in 10 minutes. I almost pulled all my hair out, but it was a rewarding experience.

One stand-out course or project:

Analytics consulting project in analytics consulting course, because it was a course where we put all of our previous lessons to practice (and realized how little of what I thought I knew I actually understood).

My MBAN colleagues at Schulich were:

Diverse. Not just in terms of ethnicity, but also in terms of passion. Some loved to code all day while others enjoyed the strategy aspect of the program.

Advice for incoming MBAN students:

Constantly ask yourself “so what?” It is easy to get caught up in the analysis and lose sight of why we are doing it and what we eventually want to accomplish with the analysis. Always circle back to “so what” in order to stay focused.

  • Beyond the classroom

    During my time at Schulich I…

    • went from zero to 80 in SAS (Statistical Analysis System)
    • discovered my passion to present is above average

“Schulich gave me the confidence to become an entrepreneur. It challenged me to be better and is a ride I would never change or replace.”

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