Dear Alan,

I must admit when I first started at SEEC I was intimidated by the thunderous radio dominance of your voice, but this was quickly dispelled about my 3rd day on the job, as I was introducing myself to you, you said sternly, "I know who you are Panzel, welcome to SEEC." From that day onwards you made me feel very much a part of the team as anyone else who's been around for over 10 years. You seldom find a man of your stature and accomplishment connect with staff at all levels. SEEC will miss the archive of knowledge and invaluable contribution that you've made to the organization but I will miss you, the charismatic leader, and the empowerment you've given to each of us. I promise the next time you see me my hair will meet your approval.

Retire well Alan, continue to enjoy the unique discoveries as you travel the world...