Alan and I met in 1980 on an AGO tour of Egypt following the King Tut exhibition. That encounter changed and enriched my life, professionally and personally. From our very first conversation, I started learning from him, and it continues to this day. Alan is immensely generous, with his time, attention, sweeping knowledge, ideas, and genuine kindness. He has insatiable curiosity about everything from ancient civilizations and current affairs to the people he meets. His enthusiasm is both contagious and stimulating. He’s noT only a trusted friend and mentor, but a much loved part of our family, joining us for holiday and birthday celebrations and dinners. Hearing his sonorous voice read the Haggadah is always a highlight of our Seder. He even officiated at my daughter’s wedding! We share a passion for good communications, all things cultural, politics here and across the pond, travel, lifelong learning, and Stratford - except for the musicals, of course. Over the past 4 decades (gasp!) our relationship has been defined by his intellect and compassion - not to mention many special shared experiences. Alan’s real impact on the marketing profession, students, colleagues and clients has been deservedly acknowledged and applauded. But he has had similar profound impact on his friends, like me. So I won’t say goodbye, but just wish him wonderful joys and experiences ahead. Alan is that favourite family member you choose, not inherit, and his place card will always be set at our table. And I couldn’t resist sharing a few pictures, from Japan in the late 90s, the wedding debut as an officiant, at the ROM, and just recently. I am so fortunate you’ve been such an important part of my life, and I love you, Alan.