Global Mentors

Inspiring and empowering the next wave of student entrepreneurs

The community response from global leaders across both nations has amplified the impact of Together 2021

Althea Wishloff

VC, Panache Ventures

Sahil Chalana

Founder, Collegedunia

Stuart Browne

CEO & Founder, Pycap Ventures

Udayan Dasgupta


Tricog Health

Mike Gettis



Derek Szeto

Co-Founder, Walnut

Nidhi Agarwal

Head, Corporate Planning & Initiatives

Kevin Oulds

Co-Founder, Willful

Mudit Rawat

Chief Strategy Officer,


Rahul N Bhardawj

Founder – Junglee Games

Shantanu Rooj

Co-Founder, SchoolGuru

Cherry Rose Tan,

Founder & CEO, #RealTalk

Akshay Chaturvedi

Co-Founder, Leverage Edu

Pavel Tchourliaev

CEO , Mortgage Automator

Taranjeet Singh Bhamra

CEO , AgNext Technologies

Srinath V

Co-Founder, BetterProduct

Portia Asli,

Founder, PX Venture Services

Kiraan Mehta

Founder, Vezado

Vijay Thomas

Founder, Tangentia

Deep Bajaj

Founder, PeeBuddy

Sreeraman Thiagarajan

CEO, Agrahyah

Ashutosh Jha,

Board Member, DG Market

Soham Mondal

Founder, Triveous

Mahendra Naik, President

TiE Toronto

Manish Lunia

Co-Founder, Flexiloans

Cv Prakash

Founder & CEO, Gradatim

Anil Kumar

Head of Technology

Nikhil Barshikar

Founder, Imarticus Learning

Layak Singh 

Founder, Artivatic

Akhil Aryan

Co-Founder, ION Energy

Varun Gera

Founder, HealthAssure

Yatish Talvadia 

Co Founder at MilkBasket

Manoj Meena

Founder at ATOMBERG

Sanjay Krishnan 

Founder, Lithium Urban Technologies

Tauseef Khan

CEO, Gramophone

Lokendra Singh Ranawat 

CEO at Wooden Street

Kavitha Iyer Rodrigues

CEO, Zumutor Biologics Inc.

Vinod Kumar Meena 

Co-Founder, Kuku FM

Aakash Goel 

Designated Partner at

Nikhil Vij

Freight Products at Delhivery

Anshu (Sudhanshu) Srivastav

LP, Advisor – VC Funds

Howard Lichtman 

President of The Lightning Group

Swish Goswami 

CEO at Trufan

Marcus Joo

Managing Director, kx² inc.

Dhaman Rakhra

Product @ Flexport

Casey Rovinelli

Growth Director at OMERS Ventures.

Tarun Agarwal 

Venture Capital Analyst

Nikita Iliushkin

CEO at Skygauge

Grant Brigden

Founder, likedMinds

David Suydam 

CEO & Founder, Architech

Amit Varma

CEO & Co-Founder, BrainToy

Jeffery Potvin

Investor GP

Naman Budhdeo 

Founder at TripStack

Arunabha Dastidar

Co-Founder & CEO,

Soul Rooms

Kiran Samra 

Founder at Lokafy

Asif R. Khan

Founder & President

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