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Inspiring and empowering the next wave of student entrepreneurs

The community response from global leaders across both nations has amplified the impact of Together 2021

Althea Wishloff

VC, Panache Ventures

Sahil Chalana

Founder, Collegedunia

Mike Gettis



Udayan Dasgupta


Tricog Health

Cherry Rose Tan,

Founder & CEO, #RealTalk

Akshay Chaturvedi

Co-Founder, Leverage Edu

Pavel Tchourliaev

CEO , Mortgage Automator

Taranjeet Singh Bhamra

CEO , AgNext Technologies

Srinath V

Co-Founder, BetterProduct

Portia Asli,

Founder, PX Venture Services

Vijay Thomas

Founder, Tangentia

Deep Bajaj

Founder, PeeBuddy

Kavitha Iyer Rodrigues

CEO, Zumutor Biologics Inc.

Vinod Kumar Meena 

Co-Founder, Kuku FM

Aakash Goel 

Designated Partner at

Nikhil Vij

Freight Products at Delhivery

Anshu (Sudhanshu) Srivastav

LP, Advisor – VC Funds

Swish Goswami 

CEO at Trufan

Marcus Joo

Managing Director, kx² inc.

Dhaman Rakhra

Product @ Flexport

Jeffery Potvin

Investor GP, The Supporters Fund

Naman Budhdeo 

Founder at TripStack

Noah Godfrey

Founder, Checkout51

Kiran Samra 

Founder at Lokafy


Educating and Advancing the Development of Student Entrepreneurs

Deepak Bagla

CEO/MD of Invest India

H.E. Nadir Patel

High Commissioner of Canada in India

Government of Canada

Brice Scheschuk

Managing Partner, Globalive

Allen Lau

CEO & Co-Founder, Wattpad

Alex Norman

Co-Founder, TechTO

Detlev Zwick

Interim Dean, Schulich

Aastha Grover

Head, Startup India

Akshay Chaturvedi

Co-Founder, Leverage Edu

Kathryn Wortsman

MP , Amplify Capital

Sahil Barua

Co-Founder, Delhivery

Neel Ghose

Robinhood Army

Amit Gupta

InMobi / Yulu

Sai Srinivas

Founder, Mobile Premier League

Nikhil Kamath

Founder, Zerodha

Ankit Nagori

Founder, CureFit

Rahul Chaudhary

Co-Founder at Treebo

Shradha Sharma

Founder at YourStory Media

Rajul Garg 

Founder at Leo Capital

Benji Sucher

Co-Founder, Radical Ventures

Laura Lenz 

Partner at OMERS Ventures

Shrinath V

Founder, The Better Product Studio


Evaluating and Assessing Student Entrepreneurs & Innovations

Championship Judges

Gaurav Chaturvedi,

Partner, Kae Capital

Ankur Jain

Founder, Hostel Fund

Prashant Matta

Partner, Panache Ventures

Ashutosh Kumar

Senior Manager, t-hub

Raphael Christian-Roy

CEO, Front Row Ventures

Semi Final Judges

Sahil Barua

Co-Founder, Delhivery

Pankaj Chaddah

Co-Founder, Mindhouse

Akshay Chaturvedi

Co-Founder, Leverage Edu

Round 1 Judges

Nabeela Merchant


Relay Ventures

Shay Nulman


Lightheart Managing Partners

Sheetal Jaitly



Galen Udell

Strategic Advisor

York Angels

Sanjana Basu 


Radical Ventures

Abhinav Singhvi,

Director of Finance

Volatus Aerospace

Karl Schabas,

Managing Director

Verstra Ventures

Jonathan Gabay

National Manager,

Knowledge Base, TD Bank

Picture of the TD Bank Logo

Stuart Browne

CEO & Founder, Pycap Ventures

Ajay Gopal 

Principal at Framework Venture Partners

Global Partners & Sponsors

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