• Tiancheng Hu, MBA, CPA

    Senior Analyst, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)

    Based in: Toronto, Ontario

    Hometown: Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

    Graduation Year: 2016

    MBA Specialization: Accounting and Finance

    “My courses taken at Schulich truly gave me a new angle in observing and understanding the dynamic world of finance.”

  • Hear Tiancheng's MBA Experience

Tiancheng Video Capture 2_phixrOn my transition across the world to Schulich:

Coming to Canada was my first time going abroad in my entire life. Owing to the diversity of Schulich, the openness of my fellow Schuligans, it was easy to make friends. I now love the city of Toronto  for its lovely people, supportive and diverse culture and beautiful seasons.

One skill that I graduated with that I find myself constantly using at work:

I’ve developed the mindset and habit of saying “it depends” to begin to answer business questions.

One fact about me that might surprise you:

I am an energetic volunteer. I once walked 50km to raise funds for a children’s welfare charity in China.

My Schulich experience described in one sentence:

I enjoyed culture shock in the best way, from meeting people from all over the world.


  • Beyond the Classroom

    During my time at Schulich I…

    • Explored Advanced Corporate Finance. I was very proud of our team project where my colleagues and I made  financial recommendations for an oil subsidiary, based on industry and capital structure analysis.
    • Joined Schulich’s East Asian Business Association where I connected with mentors from the Finance industry.
    • Learned about the Nonprofit and Social Enterprise sectors as a member of the Social Impact Management Association.
    • Participated as a charity board member and as a volunteer at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival.

“Schulich’s great reputation and brand image were the top two factors that attracted me – ultimately helping me to make the decision that I am still grateful for in my career today.”

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