• Tej Kumar Mehta

    Client Manager, Global Banking & Markets, HSBC Bank Canada

    Based in: Toronto, Ontario

    Hometown: Pune, India

    Graduation Year: 2012

    MBA Specializations: Strategic Management, Business and Sustainability

    “Post-MBA, I look at an organization very differently. Schulich gave me an understanding of how to view the nuances of the finance industry.”

  • Tej's Schulich MBA in India Experience
  • One Schulich experience that made an impact:

    I cannot stress enough the importance of the 601; the 8-month consulting project taught me how to deal with the numerous challenges in the corporate world effectively.

    How I define leadership:

    Leadership for me is defined by ones ability to effectively navigate
    through change. I work within a fast paced industry which is changing every minute. It has taught me: the better you manage change the greater a leader you are – it is directly proportional.

    One way the MBA changed me:

    It transformed my thought process into a far more structured one. I had seen firsthand what a financial institution’s decision-making did to the very markets it was supposed to help nurture and grow. Integrating business sustainability in strategic decision-making is one of my biggest take-aways from my Schulich MBA.

    One passion that drives my career:

    The ability to shape economies. It inspires and motivates me.

    A unique advantage to the MBA in India program:

    The small batch size- it helps to build lifelong bonds. My cohort came to Toronto together on the same flight and have stuck together since. This is my family; these are the people with whom I share my joys and my sorrows. They are my home away from home.


  • © Gordon Hawkins
    © Gordon Hawkins
  • Beyond the Classroom

    During my MBA at Schulich I…

    • Created a five-year business plan for a major non-profit with my Strategy Field Study team.
    • Picked up long distance running around the university and along the Toronto waterfront. It helped me offset the rigour of my academic life and helped improve my focus and goal-setting.
    • Participated in “Day on Bay” through my involvement with the Schulich Finance Association, where I experienced the Wall Street of Canada and began to build my network of local industry leaders.

“I was attracted to Schulich by its outstanding student diversity coupled with its very strong sustainability program.”

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