Schulich professor shares Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal Award

Marcia Annisette Associate Dean Students
Program Director, Master of Accounting 
Associate Professor of Accounting
Marcia Annisette

The Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal has awarded a Schulich professor’s paper the Mary Parker Follet Highly Commended Award for 2016. Immigration and neoliberalism: three cases and counter accounts was co-authored by Marcia Annisette, Program Director of the Master of Accounting program, with colleagues from Hofstra University and the University of London.

The authors suggest that neoliberal immigration policies are operationalized through the responsibilization of individuals, corporations and universities. For example, universities, working on behalf of the state are actively enrolled in the work of immigration control, surveillance and identification of risk as they accept students from around the globe to enter the country of their institution. By examining three immigration policies from Canada, the UK and the USA, the paper clarifies how accounting technologies facilitate responsibilization techniques, making immigration governable.

“Professor Annisette is a widely recognized authority in her field, just because she combines scholarly rigor with social relevance,” said Dirk Matten, Associate Dean Research at Schulich.

AAAJ believes the work is a unique contribution to the underdeveloped study of immigration in critical accounting. By unmasking accounting’s role and revealing the techniques underpinning immigration discourse, enhanced ways of researching immigration are possible.