Schulich MBA program welcomes award-winning comedian

Chelsea Margolis MBA Candidate 2018
Chelsea Margolis

For awarding-winning comedian Chelsea Margolis, the Schulich MBA journey began on stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where she was a writer/producer/performer in 2014.

“I found myself increasingly interested in the business behind the scenes. In re-aligning my goals to combine my artistic and business interests, I knew that I needed to augment my BFA with some solid business skills,” Chelsea explains. “There are so many facets of the world I’m curious about, like what makes a business succeed or fail, and an MBA will give me the tools and insight to understand these questions.”

Once she decided to pursue an MBA, Chelsea explored several different schools – and decided Schulich was the right choice for several reasons.

“Besides an amazing reputation across industries, Schulich is also known for its Marketing and Arts and Media specializations, both of which I’m interested in pursuing. At an open house event, I was impressed by the faculty presentations and the fact that Schulich keeps ahead of business school trends,” Chelsea said. “Another big plus is that Schulich is committed to recruiting a diverse and global MBA class, and I wanted to learn from the different experiences of my classmates and graduate with an international perspective.”

Chelsea is a Forte Fellowship recipient, awarded to MBA candidates that show exemplary academic leadership, team leadership, community leadership and creative leadership. From her comedic experience, Chelsea will bring resiliency, collaboration and strong case writing skills to the group work table.