Makini McGuire-Brown

Makini McGuire-Brown
Makini McGuire-Brown

PhD Candidate, Business Administration
Area of Study: Accounting
Anticipated Graduating Year: 2024

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Educational Background

Present PhD Candidate, Business Administration
Schulich School of Business – York University
Toronto, Canada
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Marcia Annisette
2020 MBA
2013 MBBS Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery
2011 BSc Basic Medical Sciences

Thesis Topic

The Micropsychosocial effect of Accounting: A Health Care Context

Research Interests – Work in Progress

Research Interests: Psychological effects of Accounting Policies in Health, Healthcare policy effects and Accountability, Metrics, Transparency & Accountability, Health Organizations

“The p ‘Value’”

“Accounting and the disruption of the moral self- a health care context”

“Accounting for Continuity of Care- An empirical analysis of the use of FFS compensation in health and the unintended consequences.”

Awards and Honours

2018, 2019 Dean’s Entrance Award- Schulich School of Business

Refereed Publications

McGuire-Brown, M., Banihani, R., Watson, J., Ng, E., Rocha, C.,  2022 Borges, L., & Church, P. T. (2022). The STEP Program—A Qualitative  Study of the Supportive Therapeutic Excursion Program and Its Effect  on Enabling Parental Self-Efficacy and Connectedness after the  Stress-Experience of the NICU. Children, 9(5), 591. MDPI AG.