• Why Choose the IMBA Program with the Global Work Term?

    Students in the IMBA program have the opportunity to gain first-hand work experience in the language and region they specialize in during their studies at Schulich. While on the Global Work Term, you will:

    • Gain exposure to different business and cultural conditions
    • Apply the latest management techniques and skills acquired in the classroom
    • Enhance your understanding of your region of specialization

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One of the most memorable and meaningful experiences of the IMBA program, the Work Term will give you real-world international business experience to enhance your ability to participate in the global economy upon graduation. Please contact the IMBA office for more information.
MBA students interested in finding a work term should contact the Schulich Career Development Center.
The Work Term typically takes place in Term 3 (May to August), sometimes in Term 4 (September to December), and is a full-time commitment that lasts a minimum of 12 weeks. The IMBA Program suggests that a host organization reimburse its IMBA intern at a rate that reflects the nature of the project the student undertakes. However, some students may choose to accept unpaid Work Terms in order to acquire specialized experience. It should be noted that in some countries unpaid Work Terms are the norm.
While it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to find an appropriate Work Term, the Assistant Director of the International MBA Program – Internships & Corporate Services will provide you with support and advice to help you make connections and gain access to valuable resources.


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All students going abroad are required to complete the following:
Please feel free to review the Pre-Departure Presentation


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For more information, contact the IMBA Office
  • Global Work Term in France

  • Istanbul

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