Financial Risk Management

  • Consistent with recent developments in the state of the art for financial risk management, the courses in this specialization will ground students in the foundational aspects related to finance theory, risk measurement and options theory and practice (the core and elective finance course requirements) as well as risk management and best practices from a broader perspective (the core and elective financial services courses).

  • Program Director, Master of Finance Program Director, Financial Engineering Professor of Finance
    Program Director, Master of Finance Program Director, Financial Engineering Professor of Finance

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Career Opportunities

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  • Graduates of this specialization will be equipped to develop and value new financial instruments and implement risk management schemes. Career paths include derivatives trading and valuation, and risk management in banks, investment firms, brokerage houses and consulting firms.

  • The Schulich Centre for Career Design

    Your career is top priority at Schulich. To make career decisions that are right for you, the CCD will help you identify strengths, determine career objectives, develop career plans, hone skills for career management and put your professional development plan into action.

    - Our highly experienced CCD Advisors bring a unique combination of first-hand knowledge, experience and diverse perspectives in a wide variety of businesses and industry sectors.

    - Take advantage of a series of proven career-building modules, including up-to-date Job Search Techniques, Self-Assessment, Resume and Cover Letter Writing, and Interview Skills to help you stand out from the competition.

    - Corporate Information Sessions offer you an opportunity to meet top level recruiters, alumni and executives.

  • Centre for Career Design

Professional Designations

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  • Professional Designations

    An MBA with a specialization in financial risk management will prepare students for
    accreditation from professional risk management designations such as GARP and PRMIA.

Study Options

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Specialization Requirements

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Students must complete 12.00 credits total, consisting of:

  • 9.00 credits of Required Courses
  • 3.00 credits of Elective Courses

Required Courses:


Elective Courses:




NOTE: Not all courses required to fulfill a specialization are offered each term. Course offerings are based on factors such as student demand and instructor availability. The office of Student Services & International Relations is available to provide advising on course sequencing and the fulfillment of program and specialization requirements within a student’s period of study. For current course offerings and details, please view the Schulich Course Offerings Database.


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Student Clubs

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Schulich Finance Association (SFA)

The SFA provides an opportunity for students to learn more about careers in a variety of Finance areas (Investment Banking, Sales and Trading, Research, Corporate, Commercial and Retail Banking), to serve as a forum to network with Finance professionals, and to reinforce Schulich’s image in the corporate world.

Through a number of events, including the panel discussion and speaker series, round table discussions and the Day on Bay, students can meet and learn first-hand from experienced industry professionals.


Schulich Investment Management Club (SIBC)

The SIBC was created to provide assistance to students in obtaining internships and full-time positions within investment banks and capital markets by developing its members’ skills in the areas required by the investment banking industry; mentoring students with current practicing professionals; educating students in the rigors of the hiring process; and building networks with the industry.

The SIBC also provides leading investment banks with priority access to Schulich’s top prospective investment banking recruits.



Portfolio Management Club (PMC)

The PMC mission is to enhance the investment and portfolio management skills of its members and invest members’ periodic financial contributions in securities, options and bonds for the purposes of charitable benefit.

The club organizes guest lectures by industry experts and portfolio managers to facilitate the learning of its members. Moreover, members can practice their investment strategies during the stock challenge organized by the club.

Finally, the club provides frequent opportunities to network with industry professionals and access to employment opportunities in the portfolio management area.