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Minerva Publication

Burgundy Asset Management

Minerva Publication

Abigail Bibbings shares her journey towards a finance career in the NextGen section.  Her insights provide an encouraging story for young women who may not have considered the role of a financial analyst. 




Careers In Finance Cover Image

Schulich School of Business

Careers in Finance Orientation Guide

Practical Advice for Your Career Success in Finance – The Schulich Finance Alumni Association (SFAA) has prepared this Career in Finance Orientation Guide (the Guide) summarizing our thoughts and career stories that we hope will be insightful and beneficial to your own careers and searches. Our objective is to provide practical advice to help you determine if Finance is the right choice for you and, if it is, what functional areas and/ or business segments of Finance suit you best. We also provide some tips for your particular and unique job search preparation. 

For guidance in identifying job types that match your strengths visit: https://schulich.yorku.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Appendix-4B-Finance-Job-Skills-Detailed-Heatmap-28-003.xlsx

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TD Bank Financial Group

TD Virtual Talent Playbook

The TD Virtual Talent Playbook is designed to better inform students about opportunities for winter and summer work terms as well as associate programs commencing January 2022. Learn more about TD’s recruitment cycle, programs, roles, and more by taking a look!