• Megan Kates, IMBA

    Senior Brand Manager, Labatt Breweries of Canada

    Based in: Toronto, ON

    Hometown: Miami, FL

    Graduation Year: 2011


    “Every person I met at Schulich contributed to my overall experience and it would not have been the same without all of them.”

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The IMBA allowed me to explore:

New cultures, new and diverse ways of thinking.

Favourite Prof:

Ingo Holziger who taught 5150 (Skills for Leadership), the class that changed my life and more specifically changed the way I think and the way I approach problems. He was a great mentor and friend and took a lot of care in the students and our time at Schulich.

Two pieces of advice for students considering an IMBA:

1) Go on exchange, IMBA especially makes exchange really easy and its such an amazing way to expand your international experience and your network. 2) Get involved outside of the IMBA, although the program is amazing and offers such great things and the opportunity to forge such strong bonds within, you should definitely make the extra effort and make sure to make some friends in the MBA program and get involved as much as possible to get the full experience.

  • Beyond the classroom

    During my IMBA at Schulich I …

    • held a leadership position in the Latin American Business Association
    • went on exchange in Paris
    • went snowmobiling during the Winter Getaway

“My favourite thing about the IMBA is that I came out a completely different person on the other side. I not only gained friendships and knowledge but I grew as a person.”

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