• Jennifer Hutton, MBA

    Director, Customer Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company

    Based in: Toronto, ON

    Hometown: Guelph, ON

    Graduation Year: 2016

    Specialization: Finance


    “What attracted me to Schulich was the flexibility of the Part-Time MBA. Having the opportunity to take classes that suited my schdeule was key to a fantastic experience.”

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How the part-time MBA helped me balance my career and education: The part-time MBA enabled me to continue to progress in my career while pursuing further education. I also was able to take a semester off when needed so it enabled me to plan my school schedule around times of the year that I know are busy in my work.

One thing that attracted me to Schulich: The main thing that attracted me to Schulich was the flexibility. I loved the idea that I could take classes right downtown at the Nadal campus or uptown at Keele. It enabled me to plan my schedule in a way that worked for me.

One skill that I admire in a business leader: I admire when business leaders are authentic, open-minded and value diversity of thought. I think it is important for a leader to foster an environment where individuals are encouraged to share their unique ideas. It is also powerful when a leader is able to admit when they’ve made a mistake. In my opinion, these skills and behaviours are key to motivating and inspiring a team.

One way I stay involved with Schulich: I have built a great network through Schulich and its very important to me to stay connected moving forward. I have volunteered as a mentor for existing Schulich students and attend mentoring events at the school.

One Schulich experience that made an impact: An experience at Schulich that made an impact for me was my participation in the case competitions. Not only did that challenge me to think critically and strategically in a limited amount of time, but it also enabled me to enhance my presentation skills. I also met some great individuals and team members along the way.

One piece of advice to students considering a part-time MBA: Get as involved as you can because that is how you make the connections. Your time there will fly by so don’t wait!

  • Beyond the Classroom

    During my part-time MBA at Schulich I:

    Really enjoyed connecting with my classmates and have been fortunate to make friends with people that I am still in touch with today and hope to continue to be for years to come. One of the traditions a group of my contacts still takes part in is an annual golf tournament. About 20 of us have gotten together now for the past 5 years or so and we will continue to do so. During the MBA, we also put together our own flag football team and played as part of a Toronto league for fun. These types of activities enabled us to foster stronger connections. I also highly encourage everyone to get involved in the Schulich planned events, such as the Dean’s Cup Case Competitions, the weekend getaways and networking events, extracurricular committees, etc. It might seem hard to find the time, but it’s worth it!