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Oppong-Tawiah, D and Jane Webster (2023). "Corporate Communication as ‘Fake News’: Firms’ Greenwashing on Twitter", Sustainability, 15(8), 6683.

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Abstract Fake news on social media has engulfed the world of politics in recent years and is now posing the same threat in other areas, such as corporate social responsibility communications. This study examines this phenomenon in the context of firms’ deceptive communications concerning environmental sustainability, usually referred to as greenwashing. We first develop and validate a new method for automatically identifying greenwashing, using linguistic cues in a sample of tweets from a diverse set of firms in two highly polluting industries. We then examine the relationship between greenwashing and financial market performance for the firms in our sample. Prior research has identified these issues as some of the most important gaps in the extant literature. By addressing them, we make several important contributions to corporate sustainability research and practice, as well as introducing notable improvements to automatic greenwashing detection methods.

Dietrich, S., Gomez, L., Lin, Y., Ngoh, Z. and Saxton, G. (2019). "Do CSR Messages Resonate? Examining Public Reactions to Firms’ CSR Efforts on Social Media", Journal of Business Ethics, 155(2), 359-377.

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Abstract We posit a key goal of firms’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts is to influence reputation through carefully crafted communicative practices. This trend has accelerated with the rise of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, which are essentially public message networks that organizations are leveraging to engage with concerned audiences. Given the large number of messages sent on these sites, only some will be effective and achieve broad public resonance. Building on signaling theory, this paper asks whether and how messages conveying CSR-related topics resonate with the public and, if so, which CSR topics and signal qualities are most effective. We test our hypotheses using data on public reactions to Fortune 500 companies’ CSR-focused Twitter feeds, using the retweeting (sharing) of firms’ messages as a proxy for public resonance. We find resonance is positively associated with messages that convey CSR topics such as the environment or education, those that make the topic explicit through use of hashtags, and those that tap into existing social movement discussions.