Teaching Grants

Teaching Resource Funds Allocated to Areas and Programs

Each area and program is allocated $1,000 to spend on teaching-related development materials for the budget year. Approval is managed by the area coordinator or program director.

Teaching Resource Funds – Requisition Process

  • The funds are not for teaching-related expenses – they are for development materials (ie. videos, CDs, other tangible goods) that can be used by other members of an area after the original purchase.
  • The amount is $1,000 per area and program, per year. There is no carry-over.
  • The funds cannot be used for food or classroom incentives for the students, or any kind of hospitality or speaker gifts.
  • To request funding for teaching resources, please complete the following steps:

1. Complete the Request for Teaching Resource Funding form below.
2. Obtain approval from Area Coordinator/Program Director.
3. Obtain sign-off from Mary Waller, Director, SCTE.
4. Submit the signed form to Anwar Mustapha, cc: SCTE (Teresa Back N308)
5. Use budget number: 632000-200-146000.

A copy of this signed Request for Teaching Resource Funding form must be attached to an expense reimbursement claim (or PCard statement), along with the original receipt to support the purchase.

Attached is a “Teaching Resource Funds – Requisition Form” form to be submitted to your area coordinator or program director, per above instructions.

Teaching Resource Funds – Requisition Form 

University-Wide Teaching Grants

YUFA Academic Leaves, Grants and Fellowships

In addition to money available from the University’s Office of Research Administration, your Faculty, and many external agencies, YUFA has bargained for nine funds expressly to support the professional work of YUFA members.

One of these funds is disbursed each May – the Professional Expense Reimbursement.

Three of the funds are given to the Faculties / Library or academic units to distribute. They are:

  • Faculties / Library Research Grants ($357,000 per year)
  • Junior (Untenured) Faculty / Librarian Fund ($121,000 per year)
  • Conference Travel Fund ($308,000 per year).

To find out more about these funds, ask your Chair, Dean, or Executive Officer.

The following five Leaves & Fellowships are adjudicated by joint committees of YUFA and Employer representatives:

  • Leave (Sabbatical) Fellowship (275,000 per year)
  • Teaching-Learning Development Grant
  • Release-Time Teaching Fellowship
  • Educational Leave
  • Research Development Fellowship

For more information visit: YUFA Academic Leaves, Grants and Fellowships

CUPE 3903 Teaching Development Grants

The Teaching Development Fund has been established for the purpose of assisting contract faculty members to develop a new program of study, teaching materials, teaching skills, or any combination thereof.

Two types of grants are available through this Fund: Major Teaching Development Grants and Minor Teaching Development Grants.

The Criteria for Selection is as follows:
1. Teaching Development Grants are awarded on the basis of the pedagogic merit of the proposal.
2. Preference will be given to projects whose results are applicable beyond the individual.
3. While Teaching Development projects may include a research component, the Teaching Development Fund is not intended for projects that are primarily research based. Funding for such projects is available from the CUPE Research Grants Fund, details of which are available from the Office of Research Administration.

For more information visit: CUPE 3903 Teaching Development Grants