Book cover. Canadian Organizational Behaviour. 10th edition.

Canadian Organizational Behaviour (10th Edition)

By: Steven McShane, Kevin Tasa, and Sandra Steen

Paperback: 536 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Ryerson
Publication Date: November 2017

ISBN-10: 1259271307 / ISBN-13: 978-1259271304

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Canadian Organizational Behaviour reflects the dynamic world of organizational behaviour and emerging workplace realities ” social media and virtual teams; values and self-leadership; emotional intelligence and effective teamwork skills. The Tenth Edition explains how these new realities impact/benefit an organization, and that organizational behavior is not just for managers, but is relevant to all who work in and around organizations.

Canadian Organizational Behaviour has developed a reputation for its solid foundation of contemporary and classic research and writing. The Tenth Edition connects vivid real-world examples and practices to good theory. This evidence-based foundation is apparent from the number and quality of literature cited in each chapter, including dozens of “articles, books, and other sources. This market leading title discusses emerging OB theories such as the full self-concept model (not just core self-evaluation), workplace emotions, social identify theory, global mindset, four-drive theory, Schwartz’s values model, employee engagement, learning orientation, social and information processing characteristics of job design, and many other groundbreaking topics. The authors also teach organizational behaviour so they know the importance of a textbook that offers deep support for active learning and critical thinking with Canadian and global cases and examples and rich in-class activities.