In Recognition of Outstanding Teaching and Learning

Schulich Teaching Excellence Award Winners 2017-2018


We are proud to congratulate the 2017-2018 recipients of the Seymour Schulich Teaching Excellence Awards, which recognize instructors for their contributions to outstanding teaching and student learning.

The top ten rated instructors, in each of the graduate and undergraduate programs, are selected by their students, and are honoured at the end-of-year galas hosted by the Graduate Business Council and the Undergraduate Business Society respectively.

This year’s events honoured the following instructors.


Masters Programs   Undergraduate Program
Karen Chiykowski – 2nd FINE Greg Chiykowski – 2nd FINE
Graeme Deans ECON Jane-Michèle Clark MKTG
Alex Garber ACTG Clare Dale SGMT
Cameron Graham ACTG Hila Koren Cohen OMIS
Ingo Holzinger ORGS Linda Lakats OMIS
Hila Koren Cohen OMIS Peter Macdonald SGMT
Joseph Mapa HIMP Gregory Milavsky ENTR
Thomas Medcof ORGS Aleem Visram MKTG
Dean Neu ACTG Alla Volodina – 1st ACTG
Farrokh Zandi – 1st ECON Kelly Whitehead SGMT


Masters Programs TEA Top Ten Instructors – 2017-18

Front L-R: Hila Koren Cohen, Karen Chiykowski (2nd Place Winner)
Middle L-R: Tom Medcof, Dean Dezsö Horváth, Peter Macdonald, Cameron Graham
Back L-R: Joseph Mapa, Levin Maaskant, Allie Simpson, Alex Garber, Farrokh Zandi (1st Place Winner)


Previous winners of the Seymour Schulich Teaching Excellence Awards

Year Master’s Level Undergraduate Level                                           
2017-18 1st – Farrokh Zandi ECON

2nd – Karen Chiykowski FINE

1st – Alla Volodina ACTG

2nd – Greg Chiykowski

2016-17 1st – Peter Macdonald SGMT

2nd – Mike Valente ORGS

1st – Klaudia Watts SGMT

2nd – Mariam Humayun MKTG

2015-16  1st – Graeme Deans IMBA

2nd – Jane-Michèle Clark MKTG

 1st – Hila Koren Cohen OMIS

2nd – Geoffrey Kistruck ENTR

2014-15 1st – Mary Waller ORGS

2nd – Kevin Tasa ORGS

1st – Graeme Deans ECON

2nd – Alex Fisher ACTG

2013-14  1st – Thomas Medcof ORGS

2nd – Alan Marshall OMIS

1st – Theodore Tolias ECON

2nd – Narbe Alexandrian ACTG

2012-13 1st – Matthias Kipping SGMT

2nd – Ashwin Joshi MKTG

1st – Alex Fisher ACTG

2nd – Peter Macdonald PLCY

2011-12 1st – Ashley Konson MKTG

2nd – Gary Miller ORGS

1st – Aleem Visram MKTG

2nd – Gregory Milavsky ENTR

2010-11 1st – Bryan Hayday NMLP

2nd – Gordon Roberts FINE

1st – Patrick Iaboni REAL PROP

2nd – Gail Drory ACTG

2009-10 1st – Mary Waller ORGS

Atipol Bhanich Supapol ECON

1st – Thomas Medcof ORGS

2nd – Elizabeth Farrell ACTG

2008-09 1st – Brenda Zimmerman PLCY

2nd – Ashley Konson MKTG

1st – Peter Macdonald PLCY/ENTR

2nd – Karen Chiykowski FINE

2007-08 1st – Joseph Mapa HIMP

2nd (Tied) – Chris Fredette ORGS and Vim Thasan FINE

1st – Gail Drory ACTG

2nd – Patrick Iaboni PROP

2006-07 1st – Gordon Roberts FINE

2nd – Markus Giesler MKTG

 1st – Gregory Milavsky PLCY

2nd – Michael Stevenson PLCY

2005-06  1st – Rob Kozinets MKTG

2nd – Kevin Markle ACTG

 1st – Mike Valente PLCY

2nd – Frank Nanfara ACTG

2004-05 1st – Oana Branzei OBIR

2nd – Mark Schwartz ETHC

1st – Walter Perchal ETHC

2nd – Christine Oliver OBIR

2003-04  1st – Andre Kuzmicki REAL PROP

2nd – Ingo Holzinger OBIR

1st – Kevin Markle ACTG

2nd – Peter Macdonald PLCY/ENTR

20-2-03  1st – Kevin Markle ACTG

2nd – Ashwin Joshi MKTG

1st – Paul Wayne ACTG

2nd – Elizabeth Farrell ACTG

2001-02 1st – Dave Valliere CC/SB

2nd – Gordon Roberts FINE

1st – Gail Drory ACTG

2nd – Leon Wasser ETHC

2000-01  1st – Ron Burke OBIR

2nd – Ellen Auster PLCY

1st – John Dwyer ETHC

2nd – Ashwin Joshi MKTG

1999-2000 1st – Steve Weiss PLCY

2nd – John Friedlan ACCT

1st – Neil Shankman OBIR

2nd – Margaret Hastings MKTG

1998-99  1st – Theo Tolias ECON

2nd – Alan Middleton MKTG

 1st – Elizabeth Farrell ACTG and Gail Drory ACTG
1997-98  1st – Asaf Zohar OBIR

2nd – Scott Anderson FINE

1st – Richard Leblanc PLCY

2nd – Farrokh Zandi ECON