Directions and Accommodations

The Schulich School of Business is located at the Seymour Schulich Building (SSB) on Fine Arts Road, in between Ian Macdonald Blvd and James Gillies Blvd.

Please review the map below:

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Driving and Parking

The closest visitor parking is the Student Services Parking Garage located behind the south side of the Schulich School of Business building. The entrance to the garage is accessible from James Gillies Blvd via The Pond Road.  The parking garage contains an underground link to the Schulich School of Business.  When entering the Student Services Parking Garage, proceed to the lower level, following signs to the Schulich School of Business / Executive Learning Centre (ELC).  Walk from the parking garage to the Schulich School of Business.  Take the elevators or stairs to the first floor for events, and the second floor to Suite W263B  to visit the Student Services and International Relations area.

Public Transit

Both the Line 1 subway extension and several buses are routed through the campus or have express services to York University. Here are a few common routes to the Keele campus:

  • TTC Line 1 Subway Service to York University Station (located directly across from the Schulich building)
  • Finch Station: (Monday through Friday): Bus 199 Finch Rocket
  • Finch Station: (Weekends): Bus 60C East Bus (To York)
  • Jane Station: (All Days of the Week): Bus 195 Finch Rocket to and from York University

When you get off the bus, walk east toward the subway station and turn right onto Ian Macdonald Blvd. Continue until you arrive at the Seymour Schulich building.

View a complete list of public transit routes on campus

On-Campus Accommodation

Executive Learning Centre

Schulich School of Business
York University, 4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3
Phone: (416) 650-8300
Fax: (416) 650-8333

Off-Campus Accommodation (close to York University)

Holiday Inn
(416) 665-3500

Travel Lodge
(416) 663-9500

Comfort Inn
(416) 736-4700