• Elle Ameli, MBAN

    Consultant (Analytics and Information Management), Deloitte Canada

    Based in: Toronto, ON

    Hometown: Toronto, ON

    Graduation Year: 2016


    “The Schulich MBAN class experience and exclusive events was second to none. I could not believe that I had the opportunity to hear from the CTO, VP, CIO and CEO’s of huge international companies who would fly in for a few hours just to visit our class.”

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One way Schulich prepared you for working in the industry:

All the course work and projects are designed to emulate what you will be doing in your career. Transitioning into my job was a smooth process.

One thing that attracted me to Schulich:

Having a math background, I really like to work with numbers. I had a meeting with Program Director Murat Kristal and he shared his thoughts about where the world is going with big data. After doing my research and talking with professors I knew this was the program for me.

One skill that I admire in a business leader:

The capacity to collaborate and be part of a team.

One lesson I use in my day-to-day:

Framing and re-framing. Stepping back from the problem and looking at it from different angles. I would always tackle a problem in a very direct almost mathematical way, but Schulich taught me how to view a problem in the eyes of different stakeholders which would give me a more in-depth, rich solution.

One Schulich experience that made an impact:

A camping trip during my first week was an unforgettable bonding experience. The first day we were all shy but by the end of the trip the whole dynamic changed and we became close for the entire year as a class.

One piece of advice to students considering an MBAN:

Embrace the teamwork. At Schulich there is a wide variety of students from different backgrounds and walks of life and learning to work together and achieve results translates into the working world.

  • Beyond the classroom

    During my MBAN at Schulich I …

    • Went on a camping trip with our entire class during our first week of school where we become very close
    • Received and accepted a job offer within the first six weeks of my program
    • Was a class academic representative – becoming a voice of the students to the faculty and administration

“My Schulich Master of Business Analytics complimented my prior education, with an innovative real-world approach that gave me an edge in the exciting field of analytics consulting.”

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