Academic Petitions

Academic Petitions

Students can petition an existing Schulich regulation or academic decision due to rare or unforeseen circumstances.

It is recommended that students schedule an advising appointment before submitting their petition.

Undergraduate students: Schedule an appointment using the online booking system.

Graduate students: Schedule an appointment using the online booking system and select “Petitions” from the Service drop-down menu.

Each petition must clearly outline the request and provide proof of the extenuating circumstances (e.g. Attending Physician’s Statement, Counsellor Statement, etc.).

Petitions are not automatically granted. They are carefully reviewed by the Student Affairs Committee shortly after their submission. Students should expect to hear a decision 3 to 6 weeks after submission.

Download the Undergraduate Petition Form by logging into your MySchulich Forms Database on the undergraduate student portal.

Download the Graduate Petition Form by logging into your MySchulich Forms Database on the graduate student portal.

For petitions relating to the PhD program, please consult Melissa Judd, Assistant Dean, Students in SSB W262 or for the appropriate form and to discuss options.

Required Withdrawal Petition Process

If you have been withdrawn at the end of the academic session for failing to meet the promotion requirements of your academic program you may submit a petition to be reinstated into your program.

Undergraduate Students

Complete the BBA/iBBA Required Withdrawal Appeal Form by logging into your MySchulich Forms Database and submit it to Student Services & International Relations, W263.

Graduate Students

Follow the appeal process as detailed in the Graduate Policy Handbook (pg.35).

Grade Appeals for Schulich Courses

A student may appeal to the Schulich Appeals Officer (the Associate Dean, Academic, or in his/her absence, the Director of the student’s degree program) to have a grade changed on the following grounds only:

  • A clerical error has resulted in a miscalculation of the grade.
  • A computational grade awarded did not fairly reflect the student’s academic performance according to the grading system used by the instructor.

Please review procedures and deadlines for Appeal in your program handbook. All Grade Appeal inquires should be directed to the Associate Dean, Academic’s Office (ADA) in N230A, SSB or by phone at 416-736-5097.

Visit the ADA website

Appealing Student Affairs Committee/ Appeals Officer Decisions

You may apply for leave to appeal the decision of the Schulich Student Affairs Committee/ Schulich Appeals Officer to the Executive Committee of the Schulich Faculty Council within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt of the registered decision letter

Appeals for grades and debarment will be permitted only on the following grounds:

1. New evidence

2. Evidence of procedural irregularity

For more information please review procedures for Appeal to the Executive Committee in your program handbook, found on your MySchulich portal.

Download the Executive Committee Appeal Form by logging into your MySchulich Graduate Academic Forms Database.