Professional Development Mentorship Program

Equipping students of today to become the leaders of tomorrow


Welcome to the Professional Development Mentorship Program (PDMP)!


The purpose of the Program is to complement Schulich’s formal curriculum and to accelerate the personal and professional growth of participants. It is open to students enrolled in the MREI and to 2nd year MBA students specializing in real estate and infrastructure.


The PDMP will match students pursuing graduate studies in Real Estate and Infrastructure with an equal number of Schulich alumni mentors working in sectors of various real estate and infrastructure, including investment, development, asset management, financing, brokerage and consulting.


The PDMP requires students to make a significant commitment. They will attend a series of required professional skills development modules, a minimum of three sessions with their assigned mentors, and specialized networking events. The program concludes with writing a meaningful self-reflection and receiving a certification of completion for the mentors and mentees in April.  

Upcoming Events
Program Guidelines
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Upcoming Events

  • PDMP Launch Event
  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset
  • Networking 101
  • Internship/Career Search Think Tank
  • Talent and Career Showcase
PDMP Launch Event

PDMP Launch Event

October 7, 2023 | 12:00 pm

McEwen Building, Room G101

Please join us on October 7th at the Launch event to learn all about the Professional Development Mentorship Program, We will have an exciting agenda where you will meet the program designers, learn helpful information and tips from an alumni panel of past Mentorship Program participants as well as gain insightful knowledge from the PDMP mentorship committee. The Launch event is where students will be introduced to the program, learn about the eligibility requirements and time commitments and be given the opportunity to ask questions.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset
Principles You - Ray Dalio

Career Foundations/Meaningful Self-Reflections

October 20, 2023 | 12:00 to 2:00 pm

McEwen Building, G101

Join Sean Mullin and Joe Ogilvie as they set the groundwork for an exciting year of growth.  Sean will discuss some of the most important principles of being a successful professional in the industry, helping mentees to develop a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset. Learn how to thrive in challenging settings and how to perceive failure as a springboard for ultimate career success. Sean will also discuss the nuances of in-person and digital communication, classroom conduct, relationship building, and how to present oneself in professional settings. Developing your own personal brand and elevator pitch. Tips and tools for presentation skills, when and how to use ChatGPT, content delivery and incorporating stories.


Joe Ogilvie will later join in to discuss the importance of creating meaningful reflections and what it means to write one. This will become an important skill for mentees to carry throughout this program and beyond!


In this module, mentees will also be prompted to complete the PrinciplesYou Psychometric Evaluation.


Self-Assessment Tool: Awareness Exercise – PrinciplesYou Psychometric

Evaluation Activity Link:


i. What did you learn about yourself from your top three archetypes in the assessment?

ii. What strategies will you use to amplify your natural strengths?

iii. What strategies will you use to limit the impact of your natural weaknesses?

Networking 101

Networking 101: Building Meaningful


November 3, 2023 | 12:00 to 2:00 pm

McEwen Building, G101

Networking isn't just about collecting business cards or asking for a job; it's about building authentic, meaningful connections. To build meaningful connections you have to invest in relationships without the expectation of reciprocity. This eye-opening module teach you how to be a successful networker by showing you how to be genuinely interested in others, their experiences, and their goals, to be an active listener during conversations, ask open-ended questions and find common ground.

The goal of being a successful networker not only aids in finding a job, but more so, it helps one grow as an individual and establish meaningful relationships throughout one’s career. Mentees will join Sean Mullin in an hour-long session where they will explore Networking “Do’s and Don’ts. Remove the ‘Fear Factor” of networking and change the mindset to ‘connecting with people’. Every relationship is an opportunity to learn and grow. Keeping in mind that developing self-awareness is one of the key learning outcomes of this program, mentees will be challenged to become aware of their own networking strengths and weaknesses.

Internship/Career Search Think Tank

Internship/Career Search Think Tank

PDMP Module 3

February 2nd, 2024 | 12:00 to 2:00 pm

McEwen Building, Room G102

Our panel of industry experts will share inside tips and the do’s and don’ts of the application and hiring process, from four different hiring levels. From new grad, through HR and recruiting and hiring director, case interview skills. This workshop is to prepare you with insights and tools for success as you begin to embark on your internship and career search. Following the panel and Q+A, you will then have the opportunity to work on some real-life scenarios with our panelists in the Think Tank rounds. You will find out if your approach will earn you a rank of HIRE, ASPIRE or RETIRE to further your future success as you interview for your desired roles. You will come back together for group discussion and networking. 

This year’s panel will include:

  • Mario Quintanilla, MREI 2021, AECON Concessions, -Senior Project Analyst
  • Ryan Ram, Matrix 360-Principal, Strategy & Engagement
  • Jordan Bruder, Cadillac Fairview-Senior Director Development 
  • Clare Deutsch, Dream Unlimited-Lead, Talent Acquisition

Talent and Career Showcase

Talent and Career Showcase

March 8th, 2024 | 12:00 - 3:00 pm

McEwen Building Atrium

This exclusive event, by invitation only, is the fourth and final learning module. The event is broken down into 3 parts; interviews (mock or real),

Industry recruitment/networking mixer event, feedback follow-up session for the whole group. The purpose of the event is to build your interview skills and provide expert feedback to take forward for future job opportunities. As well as exposure to our hiring industry partners as you embark on your career search.

The participating students have committed to reaching a standard of excellence and are about to embark on their internship and career search.

At the Talent and Career Showcase, students will have the opportunity to interview with one of our 12 industry partners. These interviews are intended to provide PDMP participants with a platform to to practice their interview skills with an HR manager or hiring Director and receive real time feedback in the form of a report card.

The second part of the Showcase includes a simultaneous recruitment/networking mixer where the students will then have the opportunity to network with the industry partners, recruiters and alumni as they get ready to explore their career options.

The final part of the event will be a group feedback session with the hiring teams and Q & A.

The Centre for Career Design will be onsite providing support for students prior to their interviews and any guidance needed.

In order to be invited to this event, mentees must have completed all mentorship program requirements. Refreshments will be served.




Mentorship Guidelines

There is a lot of work ahead! The transformation into an industry leader takes time, persistence, and most notably, a community that cares. This program is designed to complement this process and create a formalized approach to an informal process many of the mentors in this program likely experienced on THEIR journeys to industry leaders you see now.


You will be carefully matched with your mentor based on professional and personal fit following an application submission. Applications to be matched with a mentor will be mid-November. Matching will take place around the end of November.


This program is meant to be viewed as a partnership, and alignment drives the success of any partnership! Each mentor-mentee relationship will be built based on mutual trust, respect, commitment, and communication. Your mentors have made a commitment to YOUR success and it is important you respect the time they have committed to your development. Take time to prepare before your sessions. Reflect on your goals, and think about the challenges you face today and the challenges you hope to face tomorrow.

Beyond the Job

You may be assuming the goal of mentorship is to find a job. While finding a job may be your immediate concern, the best thing a mentor can do for you is to help you grow and develop as a person and as a professional. The connections made, alongside the conversations had throughout this program, will provide a foundation for you, and the future relationships you will need, to develop long-term success.

Student Driven

This is your opportunity, and we expect YOU to take ownership! You are to take full responsibility for the coordination of all meetings with your mentor, including initial contact. You are responsible for showing up, coming prepared, and being engaged.



By enrolling in the mentorship program you are making a commitment to three (3) one-on-one mentoring sessions with your mentor from January 2023 to the end of April 2023, attendance at program events, and a written reflection upon the conclusion of the program. In addition to this, you are required to have reviewed your resume with the Career Development Centre (CDC) and have articulated your goals and interests.


Confidentiality and Contact

Your mentor’s contact information must be kept confidential. You are not to solicit or expect your mentor to give you an internship or a job.


Closure of Program

We hope every relationship continues beyond the confines of this program and mentorship closure does not preclude mentors and students from continuing your relationship informally. It simply removes any obligation on either party to do so.


Finally, never forget the importance of expressing gratitude! Make sure to thank your mentor for their effort, their advice, and the generosity of their time. Trust us, a ‘thank you’ goes a long way, and it is CRUCIAL to acknowledge the people who will help you along the way.


Tips for Success

Take Ownership of Scheduling & Showing Up

99% of life is showing up. Managing your schedule and prioritizing your time to enable you to ‘show up’ is critical to your success throughout the BC Professional Development Mentorship Program. The program will be full of learning opportunities, yet it is up to you to be present and engage with the material. You will also be responsible for establishing and coordinating the time and location for all mentorship sessions throughout the program. We suggest allowing one hour for each meeting, subject to your mentor’s approval.

Help Your Mentors and Leaders Help You

Throughout the program you should continuously be improving your resume so that you can share your CDC approved resume with your mentor.

Do Your Research

To optimize your time with leaders, panelists, and mentors, ensure to research their backgrounds and areas of expertise. This will enable you to make the most out of your sessions. 

Be Prepared

Prepare some open‐ended questions that will guide the discussions, without restricting your mentor’s feedback. You should start your first session with an idea of what you hope to get out of these mentorship sessions and communicate those goals to your mentor.

Avoid the Sales Pitch

Don’t view the sessions as sales presentations or job interviews. Be yourself, be present, and most importantly – be open to growth!

Be Prompt, Professional, and Express Enthusiasm

Set the stage for a great experience by conveying your enthusiasm throughout all of the workshops and mentorship sessions. Once you have received your mentor match, take time to do your research and reach out to them by making a personal connection using the tone of your email.

Be Fully Present

This tip is so important we needed to include it twice. Sharing requires excellent listening skills and your full attention. Throughout the workshops and mentorship sessions, do your best to set aside daily pressures so that you can get the most from your experience. Focus on the present.

Find the Connection

Make it a goal to establish a personal connection with the leaders, panelists, and mentors. Remember that most of these individuals have volunteered their time to help you achieve your goals. Whether it is ambition, sports, design, or industry news, there are many avenues to finding connection. BONUS TIP: This happens when a conversation is shared equally and one listens with an open mind. Make sure you aren’t doing all the talking!

Take time to Reflect

At the end of a workshop or mentorship meeting take time to summarize insights and establish any goals or personal deliverables for future sessions. This will help guide your learning and provide a clear direction for your growth. 

The Importance of Good Questions

The questions you ask will shape the conversation. Good questions lead to valuable insights that will help you develop and grow. At the same time, conversations should not be interviews. Use thoughtful questions as a tool to break the ice, keep the momentum of the conversation going, and to learn from others!

Sample Questions

How did you get where you are today and was there a critical moment or event that was instrumental to your progression?

What do you like most about your career?

Share one of the greatest successes during your career. Was there a specific action or event that led you to this success?

Share a failure you experienced and what you took away from that experience.

I am looking to accomplish ___________ with my career. Can you provide some advice or recommendations on how I should proceed?

What do you see as some of the emerging trends in the industry?

How would you recommend I get into _________ (insert a specific specialization/role/company/sector etc.)?

What is something that you know now that you wish you knew back when you were starting your career?


Mentorship Committee

Please contact Bryna Abtan at if you have any inquiries.