• Conrad Fernandes, MBA

    Associate Director, Credit, Royal Bank of Canada

    Based in: Toronto, ON

    Hometown: Montreal, Canada

    Graduation Year: 2015

    MBA Specialization: Marketing and Strategic Management


    “My part-time MBA was a very rewarding experience. I am able to say that at Schulich I found exactly what I was looking for out of my education.”

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Conrad at the Schulich’s downtown campus for an alumni reunion.

How the part-time MBA helped me balance my career and education:

Schulich provided a very flexible and accommodative program, which allowed me to pursue further education and balance my obligations in my career. The Miles S. Nadal campus off Bay street was an important factor, as being close to the financial district made it easy to attend the program in the evening.

One thing that attracted me to Schulich:

The business school provided over 18 different specializations and I was looking to engage courses in strategic management. I felt it would be imperative to refine myself; and develop a framework that would align with business leaders of today.

One skill that I admire in a business leader:

Understanding the big picture on how the business world is evolving. By using critical analysis and deductive reasoning in a collaborative setting to provide real solutions.

One way you stay involved with Schulich:

During my time in the MBA program, I was actively involved in as a Schulich Brand Ambassador. As a part of this community, I felt it was an opportunity to give back and address prospective and current student concerns along with Schulich’s executive administration.

One Schulich experience that made an impact:

Personally, the networking and friendships acquired over the years had the most significant impact during my time in the MBA. Schulich acted as a conduit to connect and develop strong, meaningful relationships with my colleagues, instructors and the administration.

One piece of advice to students considering a part-time MBA:

Take the time to understand what is you are trying to achieve out of your career and try to assess those goals as you proceed through the program. The MBA program is extremely demanding, especially when managing a career and graduate studies. You want to be able to maximize your time and make sure that you work consistently taking steps in the right direction to achieve your goals coming out of the MBA program.

  • Beyond the classroom

    During my part-time MBA at Schulich I:

    • Held a full-time job at RBC Capital Markets while completing my MBA
    • Was a member of the Schulich Finance Association, Schulich Marketing Association and Schulich Charity Association
    • Attended GBC events such as the Graduate formal, MBA Games & Schulympics
    • Volunteered with my peers at school information sessions and recruitment events, assisting prospective students achieve their career goals
    • Actively travelled across to Europe (France, United Kingdom) and North America (Hawaii, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Vancouver)
    • Took culinary classes learning how to make authentic Italian cuisine

“Schulich’s part-time MBA gave me the flexibility and freedom to tackle a top-tiered business program and advance my career as a business leader.”

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