Schulich Alumni Mentorship Orientation

Welcome to the Schulich Alumni2Student Mentorship Program!

We are excited to introduce you to our program and enable you to connect with our talented community of Schulich Alumni Mentors.

To access the Program you must attend our Mentorship Orientation Series, two sessions designed to give you the confidence and tools to network with our alumni and beyond.

Mentorship Etiquette: Communication and Presentation Skills is delivered by a professional recruiter.  This session will help you feel comfortable and confident when interacting with alumni, industry professionals, and more during your career.

Accessing the Alumni Mentorship Directory, your comprehensive guide to using the online community and connecting with Schulich Alumni is hosted by your Alumni Engagement team.

Attendance and participation in both sessions in full are required to access our complete mentorship program including the Online Directory and the highly anticipated Alumni2Student Speed Mentoring. Students must be signed in on their own account with their name visible and identifiable to track attendance. Arriving late or leaving early may require you to repeat a session. Attendees may be called upon during virtual orientation to answer questions live or in the chat, if you do not respond, this may impact your eligibility. Contact with any questions.

Review our program guidelines before your first Orientation session. Read Mentorship Guidelines here

The Alumni2Student Mentorship program is open to all Schulich MBA and 1-Year Masters students and 3rd & 4th Year Schulich Undergraduate students.