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Undergraduate Exchange

Why Exchange?
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Understanding management and business in an international context is a requirement in today’s global economy.

Schulich’s exchange program offers an ever-expanding number of opportunities for undergraduate students to study abroad. Formal reciprocal business school-to-business school partnerships allow both domestic and international students from Schulich to spend one term studying abroad at a partner school.

The benefits of participating in an exchange are numerous:

  • exposure to new perspectives and a more global outlook
  • the expansion of career options
  • an increase of cross-cultural communication skills
  • the development of language proficiency skills
  • build a global network




Watch the video above to see Schulich students' exchange adventures abroad!
Natalie Durzynski (iBBA)

“For me, exchange was more than just a chance to travel and meet new people; it was a chance to find out more about myself and for personal growth. I know that the skills I’ve developed from my international experience will help me throughout my career and for the rest of my life!”

Natalie Durzynski (iBBA)Université Paris Dauphine
Winter 2014
  • Maria Elias, BBA '16

    Laguna Miscanti, Chile UAI Winter 2016

  • Ambika Maheshwari

    University of New South Wales

  • Christine Kang

    Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

  • Iman Samji

    Singapore Management University

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Can I?

Any student enrolled in the BBA/iBBA program may apply to study abroad for one term. To be eligible to participate in the Exchange Program, students must:

  1. Be in year 3 or year 4 for the proposed exchange term
  2. Have successfully completed:
    • all year 1 and year 2 requirements for those applying for 3rd year exchange
    • all year 1 – year 3 requirements for those applying for 4th year exchange
  3. Attain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 5.50 prior to the desired exchange term
  4. iBBAs who entered the program prior to Fall 2016 must have successfully completed 12.00 credits of language, of which at least 6.00 credits are at the intermediate level or higher, with a minimum grade of C. iBBAs who entered the program as of Fall 2016 must have successfully completed intermediate level language competency, or higher, with a minimum grade of C.

For more information about the exchange program requirements and policies please see the Undergraduate Academic Handbook (page 31).

International Opportunities Fair & Information Session

Should I?

Every Fall, the International Relations Office invites students to attend an International Opportunities Fair and Information Session to start their planning and research for all exchange destinations and possibilities.  All students considering going on exchange should attend the fair and information session prior to researching and submitting their applications. We also offer application incentives to those who attend.

International Opportunities Fair

The Fair is the event to learn about all the schools with which have exchange partnerships.  Students will have the opportunity to read material about the school and their exchange program. However, what holds most value is being about to speak to Schulich students who have previously been on exchange, as well as students here on exchange.

Twi students working on a laptop

Information Session

To compliment the fair, we will hold an information session where students can receive more details and ask us questions about the following:

  • All International Opportunities
  • New Partnerships
  • Eligibility and academics
  • Finances
  • Application requirements and selection process
  • Tips and tricks to be the best exchange applicant you can be

Students sitting in auditorium.


  • Application Process

    Submitting an application is the first formal step of the process. Complete the online application form, upload the following documents online and remember to include your video link. Please note, the application is accepted online only. Paper applications are not accepted.

     List and describe 3 criteria you used to narrow down your choices (300 words max). You can also include anything confidential or personal you would like the Exchange Selection Committee to know. (Upload a pdf document)

    A Proposed Study Plan form listing the courses you are interested in taking on exchange for your TOP 3 SCHOOL CHOICES.  The purpose is to ensure students have thoroughly researched, that the schools meet academic goals and for the committee to have an idea of what applicants are interested in taking.

    A Proposed Budget – Submit ONE budget ONLY. Not one for every school/country. Use a range if schools/countries have varied costs.

    Resume – 2 pages maximum

    Language Referee Form – OPTIONAL – Only submit if you are planning on taking business or other courses taught in the local language (not language study)

    Deadline to Apply for 2018/2019 Time
    November 16, 2017* 9am

    *Late applications will be subject to penalty

    Video Submission Requirements

    Students are required to create a maximum 90 second video as part of their exchange application.

    Your video should include:

    • Academic, professional, personal reasons
    • How these align with your top 3 selected schools

    Students will choose what platform they use to submit a link to their video on their application.  Suggested platforms include: YouTube, Vimeo and Google Drive.  Be sure to make your video visible to those who have the link.


    Matching Procedure

    Students are evaluated by the Exchange Selection Committee on their overall application, including video, interview and group exercise, then given an overall score. The Committee is looking at:

    • Rationale of exchange choices
    • Attitude towards a global experience
    • Professionalism and ambassadorial skills
    • Evaluation ranking and available spaces

    Students will be invited to a ceremony at the end of the selection process where they will learn the school they have been matched. They will be given one week to confirm their acceptance of the offer.

    Partner School Nominations

    Once confirmed, the Undergraduate International Program Coordinator will nominate the student(s) to the partner school at which time the exchange school will contact the student to begin setting up the exchange. The student will be required to submit the requested documentation to the exchange school.

  • Preparing for Exchange

    Once you have received confirmation that you will be going on exchange, please review the Travel Procedures and Post-Selection Procedures to the right.