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Why Exchange?
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Understanding management and business in an international context is a requirement in today’s global economy.

Schulich’s exchange program offers an ever-expanding number of opportunities for graduate students to study abroad. Formal reciprocal business school-to-business school partnerships allow both domestic and international students from Schulich to spend anywhere from one week to one term studying abroad at a partner school.

The benefits of participating in an exchange are numerous:

  • exposure to new perspectives and a more global outlook
  • the expansion of career options
  • an increase of cross-cultural communication skills
  • the development of language proficiency skills
  • build a global network





Nicole Rausch (MBA '14)

“No matter where you choose to travel to for your exchange program, it will be a truly unique and remarkable experience. The experiences you have will benefit you in all your future endeavours and the adventure itself will be one you will never forget.”

Nicole Rausch (MBA '14)ESSEC Business School
Winter 2014


Any student enrolled in the MBA or IMBA program may apply to study abroad on a full-time (12-15 SSB credits) or a part-time (3-7.5 SSB credits) basis. Students changing their status to/from full-time or part-time status, must submit an Enrolment Status Change Form prior to registering for the exchange term.

To be eligible for a term abroad, students must:

  • Complete all 5000-level required courses prior to departure and a minimum of 24 credits at Schulich. Students with advanced standing should consult the Graduate Student Handbook for eligibility requirements.
  • Attain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 5 (B) on those 24 credits.
  • Information Sessions

    Students wishing to apply for exchange or a short program abroad during the 2019-20 academic year should attend an Exchange Information Session. Please refer to the Upcoming Events section for dates and times.

  • Spend a few weeks abroad in a short term program

    Fill that break with a short exchange at one of Schulich’s exchange partner schools. From fashion industry management to innovation boot camps, there is something for the most diverse of interests.

  • Application Process

    Deadline to apply for an exchange abroad in the 2019-20 academic year is November 21, 2018, 4pm
    Deadline to apply for the Doing Business in Israel (DBI) program from late Dec./early Jan. is October 10, 2018, 4pm

    Step 1. Complete the online application form and upload the following documents with your application*:

    • A list of all the schools you wish to attend, weighted by preference
    • Your answers to the Graduate Exchange Application Questions
    • A Proposed Study Plan form listing the courses you plan to take on exchange for all your chosen schools
    • Proof of language facility (not required for courses taught in English)
    • Resume

    *Please note: paper applications will not be accepted.

    Step 2. All eligible candidates will meet with the Exchange Selection Committee for a 20-minute interview.

    Step 3. The selections will be announced shortly after.

    Matching Procedures

    Students are matched to an exchange school based on the responses to their application questions and their discussion in the interview. The Exchange Selection Committee is looking for the student’s rationale for the school, in combination with their professionalism and ability to be an ambassador for Schulich.

     Confirmation Process

    Students will be sent an email informing them as to the school they have been matched. They will be given approximately two weeks to confirm their acceptance of the offer.

    Partner School Nominations

    Once confirmed, the Graduate International Program Coordinator will nominate student(s) to the partner school at which time, the exchange school will contact the student to begin setting up the exchange. The student will be required to submit the requested documentation to the exchange school.


    There are a number of online resources available to outgoing Schulich students pursuing an exchange term abroad. In addition to the exchange information housed on our website, a variety of online resources, including exchange reports, can be accessed through your Schulich student portal. Simply click on the “Exchange Reports” link on the right-hand side of your student portal.

  • Preparing for Exchange

    Once you have received confirmation that you will be going on exchange, please review the Travel Procedures and Post-Selection Procedures to the right.

Exchange and the 601

Students wishing to go on exchange may perceive the completion of the MGMT 6100 Strategy Field Study to be a hindrance to their plans. However, a number of options exist to facilitate both objectives and allow these students a substantial amount of flexibility.

We have created some examples for you. In all cases, it is assumed that the students have completed all the 5000-level courses.

Examples (program start in Fall):

Fall Winter Summer Fall Winter Summer
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 – P/T

601 Phase 1-2

Term 4 – P/T

601 Phase 3-4

Term 5


Fall Winter Summer Fall Winter Summer
Term 1 Term 2 Break

601 Phase 1

Term 3

Exchange & 601 Phase 2

Term 4

601 Phase 3-4

Fall Winter Summer Fall Winter Summer
Term 1 Term 2 Break Term 3


Term 4

601 Phase 1-2

601 Phase 3-4

To map out your academic plan, book an academic advising appointment with an advisor in Student and Enrolment Services. Want to know more about the 601 itself? Reach out to the Strategy Field Study Program Assistant in the 601 office, N227 or