Scholarships & Awards

Entrance Scholarships

Entrance scholarships at the Schulich School of Business are among the highest value offered to students in Canada.

A separate application is required to be considered for entrance funding. Students will be invited to apply for funding if they have received an offer of admission.

Award Name Value OSOTF
Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit full tuition (domestic) + $5,000 for living expenses
Seymour Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship $24,200
Tanna H. Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship $24,200
Scotiabank Scholarships in International Business $20,000
Peter F. Bronfman Scholarship of Merit $10,000 renewable yes
Harry Steele Entrance Award $10,000 yes
Lawrence Bloomberg Entrance Award $10,000 yes
Marshall A. Cohen Entrance Award $10,000 yes
Scotiabank Global Scholars Award – International $10,000
Scotiabank Global Scholars Award – Domestic $10,000 yes
Dean’s Entrance Award $7,500 yes
Hennick Scholars Program $7,500 yes
Dean’s International Scholarship $6,000 renewable
Allen T. Lambert Scholarship $5,000 renewable
Carol Anne Letheren Entrance Award $5,000 renewable yes
Ian Lithgow Memorial Award $5,000 renewable yes
Brokers Trust Insurance Group Award in Memory of Gena Giansante $5,000 yes
Peter F. Bronfman Entrance Award $5,000 yes
The Bernie Kom Memorial Award $5,000 yes
International Student Fellowship $5,000
The Yuen Tse International Scholarship $5,000
The Louis J. Brody Q.C. Entrance Scholarship $2,500 yes
Kenneth Laundy Entrance Scholarship $2,500 Yes
Irwin Allen Nadal Entrance Award $2,500 yes
Miles Spencer Nadal Entrance Award $2,500 yes
Renee Anne Nadal Entrance Award $2,500 Yes
McKinnon Family MBA Entrance Award $2,500 yes
Union Gas MBA Award $2,500
Thomas J. Bata IMBA Entrance Award $2,000 Yes

The Max Wolfe Memorial Scholarship

(application required)

Frederick G. Gardiner Scholarship $1,000
Lake Ontario Steel Entrance Scholarship $1,000
Peter T. Zarry MBA Award Variable
OSOTF (Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund) Guidelines
Many awards listed indicate that students must satisfy OSOTF residency requirements to apply. Students who have been Ontario residents for a minimum 12-month period prior to the start of their study period are eligible to apply for these awards. In addition, students must be either Canadian Citizens or Landed Immigrants and must be able to demonstrate financial need.

Continuing Student Awards

Several continuing student awards are open to students enrolled in the MBA, IMBA and MPA programs. These awards become available for application each fall and are awarded based upon academic achievement as well as specific criteria.

Award Name Value
The Thomas Beck MBA Award $5,000
The Foundation for Better Communities Award for Outstanding Leadership in Business Ethics $3,000
Carol Anne Letheren Women’s MBA Award $3,000
Sony of Canada MBA Scholarship $3,000
The Class of 1969 Centennial Fellows Award $2,500
The Kamlini Kumar Memorial Award $2,500
Wigwamen Scholarship $2,500
Isaac Akande Scholarship $2,000
The Alan and Esther Hockin Award in International Study $2,000
Matthew Badeau Award $2,000
Michael Paul Sardella Award for International Studies $2,000
Robert Cuff Fellowship Variable; maximum value of $1,500.00
Tillo E. Kuhn International Student Award $1,500 or available interest
Michael R. Bigger MBA Award $1,400
Class of 2008 Graduate Business Council Award $1,250
Robert L. Rossman MBA Award $1,250
Joe Cicero Scholarship $1,000
The James Gillies Award $1,000
Dennis Starritt MBA Award $1,000
Union Carbide Scholarship $1,000
Leonardo Silva MBA/IMBA Award $1,000
The Stanley and Frances Weigen Award $1,000
Winchcombe Scholarship Fund $1,000
Women in Leadership Student Award $1,000
Gregory Misztela MBA Award $540
The James Foy Award $500
The Worldreach Foundation Scholarship $500
Graduating Class of ’94 Full-time Scholarship Variable
Graduating Class of ’94 Part-time Scholarship Variable
Master’s Level Case Competition Conference Award Variable
The Schulich School of Business Alumni Award Variable based on demand and financial need

Specialization Awards

The following awards recognize achievement in areas of specialization within the MBA program.

Award Name Value
Accounting or Finance
Steven K. Hudson Finance Scholarship $5,000.00
W. David Wood Award $1,500.00
Zoran Fotak Award $300.00
Arts and Media Administration
The Stuart McAllister Award $5,000.00
The Bickell Internship Awards Variable; minimum $3,000.00, maximum $7,500.00
IMASCO Awards Variable
The Zemans Graduate Scholarship in Arts and Media Administration Variable, approximately $3,300
Onex Internship Award $500.00
George Gardiner Award $500.00
Entrepreneurial Studies
Schulich Scholarship for Entrepreneurship $3,500.00
Mark S. Orlan Award $500.00
The Andrew J. Sherwin Bursary $500.00
Financial Engineering
Chandra Wijaya Award in Financial Engineering $1,000.00
Financial Services
Steven K. Hudson MBA Bursary in Financial Services $5,000.00
The John Hunkin Financial Services Award $5,000.00
Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life Award $2,250.00
Health Industry Management
Bryan Hayday Memorial Award Variable
HIMP Alumni and Friends Scholarship Variable
Dr. Raymond Rupert Scholarship Variable
Global Mining Management
Resource Capital Funds Scholarship $15,000.00
MBA/JD Joint Program
MBA/JD Joint Student Association Award $3,000.00
Robert J. Gemmell MBA/JD Award of Excellence $1,000.00
Terence G. Kawaja MBA/JD Award $500.00
International MBA
Citibank President’s Award $2,000.00
The Pratt & Whitney Canada Inc. International MBA Award $1,500.00
Case Competition Marketing Award $1,000.00
Social Sector Management
Social Sector Internship Bursary $3,000.00
Victor Murray Bursary $1,500.00
Schulich Nonprofit Management Association Internship Award $1,000.00
Public Management
Bryan Hayday Memorial Award Variable
Real Estate and Infrastructure
Morguard Award $2,000.00
OREA Real Estate College Scholarship $1,000.00
The NAIOP Bursary $1,000.00
SIOR Scholarship in Real Property $1,000.00
IBI Group Award $625.00

Graduating Student Awards

Several student awards are presented at graduation to recognize the achievements of graduating students.

Award Name Value
Amit Kumar Graduation Award for Academic Excellence $1,500
CoreNet Global Scholarship in Real Property $1,000
The H. Ian Macdonald Award in Public Administration $500
Lorna Wright IMBA (International MBA) Graduation Award $500
Tim Dye Memorial Scholarship $100
Governor General’s Gold Medal Medal
The Graduate Award for Outstanding Contribution Medal
Graduate Business Council Academic Achievement Awards Gold, Silver and Bronze Award Medals
Graduate Business Council Award Medal
Hennick Medal for Academic Excellence Medal
The Charles S. Mayer IMBA Medal of Excellence Medal
L.S. Shum Gold Medal for Academic Excellence, Master of Finance Medal

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