PhD in Administration (PhD) Program Details

  • The Schulich doctorate comprises four tightly linked phases of study: coursework to acquire in-depth knowledge of your field of study; a comprehensive examination to demonstrate your mastery of the subject matter; defense of a formal research proposal; and a dissertation.

    From the outset of the PhD program, you are invited to start thinking about the direction of your research. Scholarly development, through the presentation and publication of papers with professors and other students, is a cornerstone of the program.

    Once students have firmly established their research objectives, they are given significant exposure to best practices in teaching and course development through the Centre for Teaching Excellence and York University’s Teaching Commons.

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  • Professor Eileen Fischer, PhD Program Director
    Professor Eileen Fischer, PhD Program Director

Study Options

The PhD must be taken on a full-time basis for the first two years of study. To remain eligible for funding, students must maintain their full-time status.

Available delivery options

  • Full-time 48 to 72 months


  • Keele Campus Toronto
Graduation Requirements
  • Curriculum Overview

    Candidates for the PhD degree must complete studies in one of the following major fields: Accounting, Organizational Studies, Finance, Marketing, or Operations Management and Information Systems. They must also complete a series of methodological courses relevant to that major field.

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    Coursework only accounts for one of four phases in the PhD program. For a more detailed overview of the PhD program’s four broad phases of study, view program requirements (below)

    The courses you take are dependent on your particular program of study and research interests. To see which courses are required for your area of interest, view specializations (below).

    To browse all of our course offerings, view current PhD course offerings or visit our Course Catalog.


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    Coursework is intended to prepare students to carry out leading-edge research in their major field. A student’s coursework plan is developed in consultation with the faculty member from the student’s field who has been assigned as an advisor.

    Students entering the PhD program without an MBA adegree re required to do a number of Schulich MBA 1 Required Foundations of Management Core Courses.

    Students must complete the following course requirements:

    1. A core of courses designed to support necessary methodology training
    2. A minimum of four courses in the major field
    3. A minimum of two electives in topics related to the major field, approved by the PhD program coordinator in the candidate’s major field of study.

    These courses will normally be chosen from those offered at the 7000-level at the Schulich School of Busienss. With permission, some may be chosen from those offered at the graduate level by other graduate programs or at other academic institutions.

    Comprehensive Examination

    Each student must pass a comprehensive examination before proceeding to formal work on her or his dissertation. Comprehensive examinations are designed to demonstrate competence and knowledge in the field. The examination is set and administered by the faculty within the student’s major field.

    The Faculty regards the comprehensive examination as a pivotal point for deciding whether students should be allowed to proceed with their studies or be encouraged to withdraw from the program.

    Dissertation Proposal and Oral Defence

    Candidates must prepare a written proposal to conduct original dissertation research carried out under the supervision of a supervisory committee and must defend this to the satisfaction of the thesis supervisor and members of the committee.

    Dissertation and Oral Examination

    Candidates must prepare a dissertation based on original research carried out under the supervision of a supervisory committee and submit the results in appropriate dissertation form. After the formal submission of the dissertation, an oral examination is held. It is expected that all or part of the dissertation will be published following professional or scientific review.

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  • Funding

    Students entering Schulich’s PhD program may expect to receive $32,000 (domestic) and $37,000 (international) each year, up to five years. This funding is guaranteed, provided that students remain in good standing, show satisfactory progress in their work, maintain full-time status and fulfill the expected requirements. If a student defends his/her dissertation proposal before September 15 in his/her fourth year, he/she is eligible to receive an additional $2000 in year four. Funding in years one through three is tied to a research assistantship. Details are available from the PhD program.

    In addition, students will have opportunities to pursue special awards through Schulich and York University, a limited number of International Student Fellowships, a loan program through RBC, and options for working on and off campus. For full details click below.

    Financial Aid for PhD Students