Post-MBA Diploma in Advanced Management (PDAM) Program Details

  • The PDAM program is a diploma program consisting of Schulich MBA elective courses. It allows students to build further on their existing MBA degree and gives them access to Schulich’s diverse set of concentrations and course offerings. The PDAM is open to individuals who hold an MBA degree from a recognized business school. To qualify, the MBA program must be a two year, full-time program or equivalent (60 credits) and cover all the material presented in the one year Schulich MBA program.

    The program encourages students to select electives strategically, with the goal of either broadening knowledge of a specific specialization; deepening knowledge of a specific area; or developing expertise in a new area. Students also have the option to explore a management topic in greater depth, such as business and sustainability.

  • Professor Ashwin Joshi, MBA Program Director
    Professor Ashwin Joshi, MBA Program Director

Study Options

Full-time students have a maximum of three consecutive terms to complete the requirements for the Post-MBA Diploma in Advanced Management. Part-time students must complete the requirements in a maximum of six consecutive terms.

Available delivery options

  • Full-time 4 months
  • Part-time 8 to 12 months


  • Schulich School of Business, Toronto
Graduation Requirements
  • Curriculum Overview

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    Course Requirements

    The choice of elective courses for this Diploma is up to the student, respecting corequisite and prerequisite requirements.

    Students are not required to choose a major. Instead, they are encouraged to select those electives that best suit their backgrounds and career interests.

    For example, a student might:

    •  Add an international perspective to existing skills and knowledge in a specific functional area such as marketing or finance
    • Add nonprofit organizations and the public sector to existing skills and knowledge of strategic planning for private sector firms
    • Develop expertise in a new, highly applicable area – for example, study a management function such as organizational behaviour/industrial relations
    • Explore relevant management topic such as business and the environment

    Students may elect to cluster their electives around one or two areas of 18 areas of specialization offered at Schulich to build functional or industry specific expertise. A number of areas also feature a Graduate Diploma program, which must be completed concurrently with a degree program.