Internal Grant Opportunities

Schulich Funding

Schulich Conference Travel Fund

Conference travel funds are awarded to full-time tenure-stream faculty members to offset the cost of travel to conferences for research purposes only. Faculty members may apply for up to $1,500 per fiscal year. Funds are granted to eligible faculty for the fiscal year starting May to April of the following year. All eligible requests will be met, subject to availability of funds. No application deadline.

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Schulich Research Fellowship

A Fellowship in Research Achievement is intended to free up research time, and enhance the holder’s research output in top tier journals, in particular in journals that improve our profile in surveys such as that done by the Financial Times.

Deadline for this competition falls at the end of February

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Schulich Junior Faculty Fund

These funds are available to provide junior faculty members with small research grants to support their general research program.

Deadline: Nov 1 (annual basis). If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or statutory holiday, applications will be accepted on the next working day.

Funding for Research Events and Scholarly Activities

Deadlines: Rolling deadlines. Please submit a completed application at least 6 weeks before the event is scheduled to take place.

Objective: The Office of the VPRI offers seed funding to support events or outreach activities that strengthen the research culture and build the profile and reputation of research at York University.

Value: Successful applicants can normally expect funding in the range of $500-$1,500 depending on the level of demand across the University and the scope of the activity.

Duration: All funds that are unused 12 months following the award decision must be returned to the Office of the VPRI.

Contact: Amanda Thompson


York University Funding

Mariano A. Elia Research Fund

Deadline: November 1

Objective: To support small-scale research projects where a significant contribution to Italian-Canadian studies will be made and the prestige of the university enhanced. Eligible expenses include research costs and travel to conferences.

Value: Not specifically stated. “Limited resources do not allow support for major projects.”

Duration: Not stated.

Contact: Alon Teper



SSHRC Grant in Aid of Travel

Deadlines: May 1, August 1 and November 1

Objective: To provide assistance for attendance at national and international scholarly conferences for which the applicant is giving a paper, making a poster presentation, or featured at a solo or 2 person opening of an exhibition, a principal screening, premier performance of dance, theatre or musical production.

Value: Generally, up to a minimum APEX or Charter Class airfare.

Duration: Not applicable.

Contact: Denise Jagdeosingh-Martinez



SSHRC Small Grants Program

Deadlines: March 31 and October 31

Objective: To provide support to full-time faculty members and professional librarians for pilot studies, junior faculty, ‘opportunistic’ small projects, and projects not readily funded elsewhere.

Value: Up to 4,000

Duration: One year.

Contact: Denise Jagdeosingh-Martinez



York Incentive Grant

Deadlines: August 1 and  March 1

Objective: To provide support to defray costs that are essential to the preparation of a successful grant application, such as those associated with assembling collaboration teams. It is intended to assist  large-scale initiatives in the quest for external funding. These grants are not awarded to support the preparation of applications for the usual programs of research support (e.g., NSERC Discovery, SSHRC Connections Grants and SSHRC Insight and Insight Development Grants). Applications will be considered in support of the development of large-scale tri-council applications.

Value: Up to $6,000.

Duration: Eighteen months.

Contact: Denise Jagdeosingh-Martinez