Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Chair Pending

Ann Brown Chair of Organization Studies (Established in 2010)

Eileen Fischer

Anne & Max Tanenbaum Chair in Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise (Established in 1999)

BA & MASc (Waterloo); PhD (Queen's)
Professor of Marketing
Director, PhD Program

Trina McQueen, O.C.

Bell Media Professorship in Media Management (Established in 2002)

BJ (Carleton);
Hon LLD (Mount St. Vincent, Carleton, Waterloo)
Adjunct Professor of Broadcast Management

Kee-Hong Bae

Bob Finlayson Chair in International Finance (Established in 2011)

BS & MS (Korea); PhD (Ohio State)
Professor of Finance

Theodore J. Noseworthy

Canada Research Chair in Entrepreneurial Innovation and the Public Good (Established in 2014)

MBA, MSc (University of Guelph); PhD (Ivey, Western)
Associate Professor of Marketing, Scientific Director of the NOESIS:
Innovation, Design, and Consumption Laboratory

Moren Lévesque

CPA Ontario Chair in International Entrepreneurship (Established in 2011)

BSc & MSc (Laval University);
PhD (University of British Columbia)
Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems

Chair Pending

CIBC Professorship in Financial Services (Established in 1994)

James Darroch

CIT Chair in Financial Services (Established in 1998)

BA & MA & PhD (Toronto); MBA & PhD (York)
Associate Professor of Policy
Area Coordinator, Policy/Strategy
Director, Financial Services Program

Charles H. Cho

Erivan K. Haub Chair in Business and Sustainability (Established in 1993)

BSc (University of Central Florida); MSc (University of Central Florida);
PhD (University of Central Florida)
Professor of Accounting

Lorna Wright

Export Development Canada Professorship in International Business (Established in 2011)

BA (Wilfrid Laurier); MA (Essex, UK);
MIM (Thunderbird); PhD (UWO)
Associate Professor of Organization Studies and International Business,
Executive Director, Centre for Global Enterprise

Robert Phillips

George R. Gardiner Professorship in Business Ethics (Established in 1992)

BSBA (Appalachian State University); MBA (University of South Carolina);
PhD (University of Virginia)
Professor of Strategic Management and Public Policy

Chair Pending

Gordon Charlton Shaw Professor of Management Science (Established in 2003)

Christine Oliver

Henry J. Knowles Chair in Organizational Strategy (Established in 2002)

BA (Queen's); MBA & PhD (Toronto)
Professor of Organization Studies

Dirk Matten

Hewlett-Packard Canada Chair in Corporate Social Responsibility (Established in 2003)

Dipl.-Kfm. (Essen, Germany), Dr.rer.pol. &
Dr.habil. (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Professor of Policy/Strategy
Associate Dean, Research

Richard Ross

Inmet Chair in Global Mining Management (Established in 2013)

BCom (Toronto), CPA
Director, Global Mining Management

Edward J. Waitzer

Jarislowsky-Dimma-Mooney Chair in Corporate Governance (Cross-appointed to Osgoode Hall Law School) (Established in 2005)

LLB & LLM (Toronto)
Professor of Policy/Strategy

Russell Belk

Kraft Foods Canada Chair in Marketing (Established in 2004) (formerly Nabisco founded in 1985)

BS & PhD (Minnesota)
Professor of Marketing
University Distinguished Research Professor (York)

Justin Tan

Newmont Mining Chair in Business Strategy (Established in 2003)

BBA (Tianjin, China); MA (Kansas); PhD (Virginia Tech)
Professor of Policy/Strategy

Eliezer Z. Prisman

Nigel Martin Chair in Finance (Established in 1996)

BA (Hebrew, Israel); MSc & DSc (Technion, Israel)
Professor of Finance

Douglas Cumming

Ontario Research Chair in Economics & Cross Cultural Studies: Public Policy and Enterprise Competitiveness (Established in 2005)

BCom Hons (McGill); MA (Queen's); JD & PhD (Toronto), CFA
Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship

Preet Aulakh

Pierre Lassonde Chair in International Business (Established in 1997)

BSc & MA (Punjab, India); PhD (Texas-Austin)
Professor of Policy/Strategy and International Business

Matthias Kipping

Richard E. Waugh Chair in Business History (Established in 2003; Re-named in 2016)

MA (Sorbonne, France); MPA (Harvard);
Dipl. (EHESS, France); DPhil (München, Germany)
Professor of Policy/Strategy

Geoffrey Kistruck

Ron Binns Chair in Entrepreneurship (Established in 2010)

BA (Western); MBA (McMaster); PhD (Western)
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies

Brenda Gainer

Royal Bank Professor of Nonprofit Management (Established in 1997)

BA Hons (Alberta); MA (Carleton); MBA (Maine); PhD (York)
Associate Professor of Marketing
Director, Social Sector and Management Program

Anoop Madhok

Scotiabank Chair in International Business and Entrepreneurship (Established in 1998)

BCom (Calcutta, India); MBA (Cincinnati);
MA (John Hopkins); PhD (McGill)
Professor of Strategic Management/Policy

Lilian Ng

Scotiabank Chair in International Finance (Established in 2013)

BBA (National University of Singapore);
MBA (Binghamton, NY); PhD (Pennsylvania)
Professor of Finance

Jim Clayton

Timothy R. Price Chair in Real Estate and Infrastructure (Established in 2016)

Ph.D. (University of British Columbia)
M.A. (University of Western Ontario)
B.A. Honours (Queen's University)

Dezsö J. Horváth, CM

Tanna H. Schulich Chair in Strategic Management (Established in 1996)

Electrical Eng (Malmö, Sweden);
MBA & PhD (Umeå, Sweden)
Dean, Schulich School of Business
Professor of Policy/Strategy