• Conrad Fernandes, MBA

    Associate Director, Credit, Royal Bank of Canada

    Based in: Toronto, ON

    Hometown: Montreal, Canada

    Graduation Year: 2015

    MBA Specialization: Marketing and Strategic Management


    “My part-time MBA was a very rewarding experience. I am able to say that at Schulich I found exactly what I was looking for out of my education.”

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Conrad at the Schulich’s downtown campus for an alumni reunion.

How the part-time MBA helped me balance my career and education:

It was a very flexible program. I had both career and personal obligations and Schulich perfectly accommodated my needs.

One thing that attracted me to Schulich:

Schulich’s downtown campus was a big selling factor for me. Located on Bay Street so close to the financial district made it easy to attend class after work.

One skill that I admire in a business leader:

Understanding the big picture on how the business world is evolving.

One way you stay involved with Schulich:

When I went to Schulich there were many peers and alumni who took the time to give back to the community. I felt like I was joining a family. It was aligned with my core values and I wanted to give back to the community that helped me throughout my MBA.

One Schulich experience that made an impact:

I cannot pinpoint one exact experience, it is consistent throughout the program. My level of engagement with my peers, colleagues and professors helped me develop strong connections and friendships as a result of the opportunities Schulich provided.

One piece of advice to students considering a part-time MBA:

Know what you want for yourself and your career. It is a demanding task to manage a career and graduate studies, so you want to make sure that you work consistently to achieve your goals coming out of the MBA program.

  • Beyond the classroom

    During my part-time MBA at Schulich I:

    • Held a full-time job at RBC while completing my MBA
    • Was a member of the Schulich Finance Association, Schulich Marketing Association and Schulich Charity Association
    • Volunteered at school information sessions and recruitment events, helping the next generation of students choose the right path in their career
    • Was a youth mentor in Toronto
    • Took a culinary class learning how to make authentic Italian cuisine

“Schulich’s part-time MBA gave me the flexibility and freedom to tackle a top-tiered business program and advance my career as a business leader.”

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