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The Schulich School of Business offers a range of analytical, research and consulting services to business. These services can include a few hours of ad hoc analysis through to researching and creating a long-term strategy for organizations. Services are provided by undergraduate iBBA/BBA or graduate IMBA/MBA students, and supervised by Schulich’s professors.

Projects connected to a particular course or area of study can be done at little or no cost to the client, but must be proposed and accepted some weeks before the start of a school term (September, January or May) and will follow the academic time frame. Projects not directly connected to courses are more flexible, but require compensation for the student consultants involved and recovery of costs.

Use Schulich’s Centre for Global Enterprise as your guide. Launched in 2013, the Centre for Global Enterprise can help you navigate the various services and programs offered at Schulich, as well as other organizations offering support for SMEs. We can make introductions and through our research activities, events, and partnerships, help prepare you and your organization for a successful international venture.

(1) Want to succeed in markets outside of North America but lack the knowledge, network, or resources?

Each year the Global Leadership Program (GLP) helps Canadian companies looking for a strategy to gain entry into a foreign market. A select group of Schulich MBA students under the supervision of the School’s experienced faculty are matched with another group of MBA students from one of our partner institutions in the target market or country to develop a tailored market entry strategy for the candidate company.

For more information, view the GLP program brochure here:

Global Leadership Program Brochure


(2) Need an Intern or a Part-Time or Full-Time Employee?

Contact Schulich’s Career Development Centre (CDC). The CDC portal below will link you to ‘Careers and Recruiters’, ‘Recruitment Programs’ and ‘Post a Job’, where you can find qualified candidates for internships, summer positions or full-time placements.

The CDC also maintains a job posting system for your contract and part-time requirements.

For general enquiries:
Tel: (416) 736-5080

For IMBA work terms:
Tel: (416) 736-2100 ext. 55942

(3) Want Some Help with a Stand-Alone Project?

York Consulting Group based at the Schulich School of Business has been helping Canadian businesses since 1972. Recommended for organizations requiring competitively-priced consulting services; including corporate strategy development, strategic reviews, feasibility studies, market research as well as development of financial and business plans incorporating a range of disciplines, talent and experience.

Learn more at:
Tel: (416) 736-5069

(4) Wondering What You Need to Get Your Organization to the Next Level?

Consider a strategy field study from the Schulich School of Business through our Strategy Field Study Office. It covers both domestic and internationally-focused studies and involves teams of talented business students, supervised by faculty, in a comprehensive analysis of all the functional areas within your company and the environment in which it operates.

Learn more at:
Tel: (416) 736-5082

A condensed review of the type of business services we offer is outlined below:



Short-term or interim support in a particular field, or project(s) requiring 1-100 hours and with relatively tight delivery times.
  • Part-time/contract student hired through the Career Development Centre
  • York Consulting Group contract, or on a fee or retainer basis
Significant stand-alone project requiring multi-disciplinary expertise, 20–200+ consultant-hours and with relatively tight delivery times.
  • York Consulting Group contract
Full-time support for 12-16 weeks working on single or multiple projects

April – September time frame

  • Summer internships/jobs BBA and MBA levels through the Career Development Centre
Full-time support for 12-16 weeks working on single or multiple projects based outside of Canada or with a strong international focus in Canada

April – December time frame

  • IMBA work term program through the IMBA office
  • Summer internships/jobs iBBA and IMBA levels through the Career Development Centre
A full and independent analysis of your organization, all of its functional areas and its environment. International projects supplement this with consideration of issues; such as market entry strategies, building and managing international supply chains, intellectual property preservation, etc.

While Strategy Field Studies are offered without any fee (except minor out-of-pocket student costs), their comprehensive and multi-disciplinary nature require considerable interaction with executive management and access to company information.

  • Strategy Field Study through the Strategy Field Study Office
  • In groups of 6-7 IMBA/MBA students with 3 faculty advisors