Three Pillars

The Centre for Global Enterprise aims to develop new and innovative solutions to motivate, enable and assist SMEs in their pursuit of global business opportunities. To achieve this goal, the Centre bases its activities on three pillars:

1. Knowledge Creation

The CGE is dedicated to conducting new and innovative research on economic issues through its Research Chairs to provide timely, relevant information to the business community. The Centre brings together the School’s extensive research and professional competence with the business experience and know-how of the Schulich’s international network of alumni, associates and supporters in the private and public sectors.

2. Knowledge Sharing

As new research and insights are generated, the CGE acts as a hub of information that SMEs can turn to for international business knowledge and resources from multiple sources. The Centre makes its research accessible to SMEs through trade channels; through its linkages to universities, government agencies and business organizations with similar aims; and through the publication of working papers which are disseminated through electronic means, as well as professional journals and the mass media.

Through knowledge forums such as the Success Without Borders Forum, the Centre fosters networks between entrepreneurs and managers in SMEs and leaders in the policy-making and business research communities. These forums facilitate both structured and open discussions for participants to share their experiences, exchange views and provide advice. Schulich faculty, as well as a broad national and international network of experts, contribute comparative perspectives and expertise to the discussions.

3. Knowledge Application

An important part of the Centre’s activities is consulting and mentoring SMEs. Much of this is achieved through the close involvement of faculty-supervised teams of senior MBA students. Each year, under the auspices of the Centre, teams of students work with interested SMEs to identify the key issues facing the company and, in particular, those that impede its international competitiveness and growth potential. These teams, mentored by faculty and seasoned executives affiliated with the Centre for Global Enterprise, work with the firms over an extended period to create reports that identify strategies and implementation tactics for addressing barriers to growth and internationalization.

The Centre also organizes hands-on training for students consisting of a combination of course work, project assignments, site visits, familiarization tours and short-term exchanges that will also benefit the companies involved.